Meet the top 10 Muslim Nobel laureates

The Nobel price is a prestigious award established by a Swedish inventor in 1895 to honor individuals who have distinguished them selves in various field of academia. To become a noble price winner, its not just about standing out alone, there’s steps which include nominations, selection, recognitions and screening. In today’s society, where Islam and Muslims have become icons of fear and terror, some Muslims against all odds have walked above all that to place their names on the hall of the Nobel laureates and so far 567 prizes have been given out- among them are 12 Muslims. Below are my top 10.

Shirin Ebadi

She is a human right activist of Iranian decent, who based her struggle on the rights of women and children. In 2003, Shirin was acknowledge when she was nominated for a Nobel price for peace and for her effort in democracy and human rights, making her the first Muslim woman and first Iranian to receive such honor.

Orhan Pamuk

A famous novelist of Turkish decent who stood out to become the first Turk to receive a Nobel price. He describes himself as a cultural Muslim who associates the historical and cultural identification with the religion. In 2006, received a Nobel price in literature for his quest for the melancholic soul of his native city.

Aziz Sancar

He is a professor of biochemistry and biophysics who specializes in DNA repair. He is said to be the first Turk to be awarded a Nobel prize for chemistry and the second Turk Nobel laureate. He was awarded a Nobel prize in 2015 for mechanistic studies in DNA repair.

Malala Yousafzai

She is the youngest Nobel price recipient ever and the second Pakistani laureate. Malala is an activist working for the right to education for children in Pakistan. She was jointly awarded a Nobel peace prize at the age of 17 for their struggle against the suppression of children and their right to education.

Anwar Sadat

He is the former Egyptian president who paved the way for Muslims as he was the first Muslim to receive a Nobel peace prize in 1978, jointly awarded for the role in the two frame agreement on peace in the Middle East and peace between Egypt and Israel.

Yasser Arafat

The former Palestinian president as a Muslim also added his name to the laureates list in 1994, making him the first Muslim Palestinian to be awarded a Nobel peace price. Yasser before his death in 2004 was jointly awarded the prize based on their contribution towards bringing peace to the Middle East.

Mohamed el baradie

He made it as the second Egyptian to be awarded Nobel peace prize. He is a renowned policy maker who earned his award in 2005 although jointly awarded to them for their effort to prevent nuclear energy from being used for military purpose and ensure it is been used for peaceful purpose in the safest possible way.

Muhammad yunus

A Bangladeshi Muslim laureate and founder of Gramen Bank. He is a renowned economist who added his name to the list in 2006 to become the first Bangladeshi laureate for his effort to create economic and social development.

Tawakkol Karman

She is a renowned Yemeni human right activist and a prominent leader in the Arab spring. She is the first Yemeni and Arab woman to receive a Nobel prize in 2011, although jointly awarded for the non-violent struggle for the safety of women’s right to full participation in peace building

Abdus salam

Made his mark long time ago as the first and only Pakistani to receive a laureate. Abdul was a physicist and jointly received a noble price in physics for the contribution to the the theory of the unified weak and electromagnetic interaction between elementary particles in 1979 .

These group of exceptional Muslims have made their mark and paved the way for other Muslims to go even further. They prove that Muslims can do better with Islam as their guide and Allah their strength, rather than an obstacle which is the perception of some Muslims today.

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