Meet these Andalusia Thinkers

The word Andalusia keeps us thinking about Zahra Golden Ages of Islam, and the glory of Islam civilization. Knowledge is definitely power and it is our duty as Muslims to seek knowledge.

Below are 3 Andalusian scientists you definitely should know.

Ibn Razin al-Tujibi

Al-Tujibi was blessed by Allah. He was a well-known lawyer, scholar and a poet. Throughout his time on earth, he had wrote several scientific works. However, all of his works were lost except his cookery book “The Delights of the Table and the Best Types of Prepared Foods.” In the book, he explained both Andalusian as well as North African cooking and herbs.

Abu Bakr Muhammad ibn al-Walid at-Turtushi

He was born in Tortosa and was known to be one of the most prominent Andalusian political philosophers of the 12th century. One of his books “Kitab Siraj al-Muluk” ( which translates “The Lamp of the Kings”) is one of this most important works we have ever done. It provided an insight to political philosophy.

Ali Ibn Hazm Al-Andalusi 

Ali was indeed blessed, he was a lawyer, a politician, a Muslim scholar, a philosopher, genealogist, poet and a linguist. 

He wrote several books and one of them included the relationship between sound and speed. He also read the Quran, the Bible as well and the Torah and had debated many Muslim scholars, Jewish rabbis and Christian priests.

The Ring of the Dove (a philosophical approach about love and loved ones) is known to be his best preserved treatises.

 These above mentioned people are just a few from the whole lot we can learn from. Remember knowledge is power!

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