Meet Zehra Allibhai- The Personal Trainer Inspiring Healthy Muslims Lifestyles

It is a fact that almost every individual in the world wants to enjoy a healthy way of life. The greater proportion of people that follow health and fitness bloggers follow them to increase their knowledge on healthy living. It is however important that as Muslims we remember there are certain foods that we aren’t allowed to eat. There are a lot of appetizing meals out there but are they 100 percent halal? This bring us to the problem of choosing from the vast umber of bloggers. Who should you listen to as a Muslim?

Zehra Allibhai is the founder of the “Fitnest”. She is also a Muslim healthy lifestyle blogger from Canada passionate about healthy living especially for Muslim communities. She focuses on healthier lifestyles including diet, being in shape and managing a family/work balance even for mothers in the context of the Muslim faith.

On current readings, her Instagram has almost 56K followers. She also serves as an inspiration to hijab-wearing Muslim women. When she makes her videos/ posts/ pictures she makes sure that it sends a motivational message to her followers. She always encourages women, especially mothers, to start up nutritious and fitness routines in their daily lives.

Zehra’s blog and social platforms have a growing number of followers seeking inspiration from her wealth of experience. She inspires her followers on how to keep a nourishing, loving lifestyle that revolves around family and keeping fit. She shares regular healthy halal meals tips as well as how to stay fit working out both indoors and outdoors. She strongly believes that our little ones should be included in our daily activities.

At the beginning of the last Ramadan, Zehra shared a free healthy fasting guide that included guidelines on best foods to keep one hydrated.  She also included the type of foods one should stay away from. Zehra goes to the extra mile. She shares the types of food for a healthy lifestyle as well as workout routines that will help you keep fit.

Zehra is one of the top female Muslim trainers and now she runs a series of fitness classes in her local community. She is also engaged in private group and individual training of people both in person or online. She is definitely moving along with technology!

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