Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi Profile

Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi is a Saudi Arabian and Ethiopian billionaire and business leader, who has an estimated net worth of $11 billion at by Forbes.


BornJuly 21, 1946 (age 69), Dessie, Ethiopia

Net worth11 billion USD (2015) Forbes

ParentsWeyzero Rakiya Mohammed YassinHaji Hussein Al Amoudi

SpouseSofia Saleh Al Amoudi


Business activities

 Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi owns and supervises a wide range of businesses including construction, energy, agriculture, hotels, healthcare, sports, manufacturing and much more. These businesses mostly fall within two conglomerate holding and operating companies, Corral Petroleum Holdings and MIDROC, both which he owns and manages. Over 70,000 people are employed through these companies.

One of his companies called Mohammed International Development Research and Organization Companies, which is a construction company also known as MIDROC won a contract to construct Saudi Arabia’s nationwide underground oil storage complex which was estimated to be over $30 billion in During the 1980’s.

He’s also managed to spread his business across African nations, including Ethiopia and Morocco, where he owns oil refineries. Mr. Amoudi also possesses an energy exploration company in Sweden, as well as one of the best and finest hotels in Ethiopia, known as the Addis Ababa Sheraton.

Recently, he donated over US$275 million alongside other Saudi and South Korean investors through MIDROC in order build a factory to manufacture Saudi Arabia’s first car, which would be called the Gazal-1.



Mohammad has contributed immensely towards society by donating funds to build healthcare and sports facilities in Saudi Arabia, United States, Europe and Africa. In addition, he’s funded a breast cancer research center located at the King Abdulaziz University.

Al Amoudi has also donated an enhanced oil recovery research chair to King Saud University in 2008, as well the King Abdullah Institute for Nanotechnology at the same University.

He is, without doubt, one of the most inspirational figures in the Muslim world. As a result, he was named as one of the William J. Clinton Foundation Donors and has supported Hilary Clinton’s nominations as U.S Secretary of State.

In 2005, Al Amoudi sponsored the CECAFA Cup, which is Africa’s oldest football cup competition. The tournament was named the Al Amoudi Senior Challenge Cup as a token of appreciation. He also supports St. George which is an Ethiopian Premier League Club.

Personal life

Mohammed Hussein Ali Al Amoudi was born in the North-central Ethiopian city of Desie and was raised in a town called Woldia. His father is of Saudi Arabian origin and his mother is an Ethiopian. Mohammed was raised in Ethiopia and then migrated to Saudi Arabia to naturalize as a Saudi Arabian Citizen.

Al Amoudi has houses in London, Surrey and Saudi Arabia according to BBC. He’s married to Sofia Saleh Al Amoudi who’s a Saudi citizen and shareholder of MIDROC Construction. Al Amoid is also a father of eight.



According to a survey conducted by Forbes in 2006, Mohamad was believed be amongst the100 richest people, and currently is 82nd on the list. Mr. Amoudi was awarded an Honorary Doctorate from Addis Ababa University and has also been honored with the Order of the Polar Star by King Carl XVI Gustaf of Sweden.






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