Muslim Apps Creating A Wave In The Tech World

We have all become Tech savvy. The high prevalence of the smart phone in the market and its cheap availability means the device is no longer a luxury and it is increasingly becoming a necessity. When it comes to smart phones, the digital divide is increasingly becoming blurry. Neither do you have to have a lot of money to own the device nor do you need to be ‘schooled’ in a particular way to get to know how to navigate through its complexities. And mobile app developers have realized this.

We have been tracking the tech world, and the following Muslim Apps are getting rave reviews.

#1.The Seerah App

Targeting Children audiences, this app details the beautiful biography of our beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ from his early days to revelation and to his hijrah to Medina. The app combines a clever narrative and interactive animations to tell the story of the Prophet ﷺ and it features a game children can use to reinforce lessons learnt from the stories.

#2.The Tarjimly App

This app was designed by Muslim American youths frustrated with the language barriers facing Muslim refugees in the western world. The app connects users to a network of more than 1200 translators. For instance, an Arabic speaking person goes to a hospital somewhere in Columbus, Ohio in the USA but there is no translator and she can’t speak English. With this app, she will just have to type in her device and a human translator will translate the Arabic to English for the Doctor. The app has a lot of benefits for our Muslim families especially in the western world. With Tarjimly, language is no longer a life and death struggle for refugees.

#3. Quran Companion

Thanks to Quran Companion, memorizing the whole or parts of the Quran with proper tajweed (recitation) is no longer an exclusive thing that can only be learnt in Madrashas (schools). The app is not only an audio recital of the Quran but features step by step recitation methods and several features to allow readers easily memorize verses of the Holy Quran.

#4. Muzmatch

This app allows Muslim singles to connect in a halal environment. Available in both the App Store and Google Play, the App has 145,000 users across the globe and it is said to have helped 3000 people tie the knot. We at Muslim Inc ask Allah to bless all the marriages.

#5. Zibah

This App is one of the most useful in everyday life for Muslims, especially Muslim travellers. Did you ever travel and wondered where to locate a halal food store or a halal restaurant? Millions of Muslims have being forced to go on a fruity diet when on a journey due to difficulties in locating halal eateries. Well this app makes that a history. Just type in your coordinates and all the halal eateries in your area will be shown to you. Muslim Inc says never go hungry on your journey again, buy halal and eat halal.

May Allah reward all the developers for helping our Muslim Ummah.

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