Muslim Business Ideas to Benefit the Ummah

So how do we run a business from an Islamic perspective in ways beneficial to Muslim Ummah?
Here are some points that will help us to start thinking along those lines and get the ball rolling in the way of Allah to benefit His creation.

#1. Follow Your Strength

While running a business, it is important that we follow our strength. All of us have our strengths and it is of utmost importance that we make an effort to identify those. This could be done through assessment activities, such as taking online questionnaires and surveys, to gain a deeper insight into the business that we are engaged in, we would perform better at something that we naturally enjoy as opposed to something that we have to make an effort to do. The better we can run our business, the better we will benefit ourselves and the Ummah.

#2. Keep your business Halal & Seek the Pleasure of Allah

It is common to see some people to blindly run their businesses without thinking about its religious implications. There are certain businesses that involve certain forbidden characteristics such as immoral behavior, corruption, bribery or interest based transactions. The earnings from such businesses is Haram in the sight of Allah .
It’s important that when we are in business you’re engage in halal at all times.

While running a business always keep in mind that your aim is to gain the pleasure of Allah . Hence, choose a path which will enable you to remain steadfast on the teachings of Islam as detailed in the Qur’an and Hadith.

#3. Be an inspiration to others

Set an example for others to follow, either Muslims or none Muslims. Stay away from doubtful businesses. Initiate a business path that will enable you to establish your business based on Islamic concepts. You have a sacred opportunity to help the the people around you and those looking up to you practice the religion. So make sure you leave the doubtful matters and focus your energies on what is clear and beneficial.

#4. Connect your business with Ibadah

We are rewarded for whatever action we take based on our intention. The rewards (of deeds) are according to the intention, and everybody will get the reward for what he has intended. This is especially for those who might be pre-occupied on how their business will benefit the Ummah. Some might even be thinking of what new business path they can take. But wait, you might not have to take that drastic step. Whatever you are doing, just make sure that you correct your intention.

Purifying your intention will ensure that you get rewarded even for the apparently worldly aspects of things you are engaged in.  Utilize your expertise in the way of helping your brothers and sisters in Islam and humanity in general.

#5. Seek Allah’s Protection and Guidance

No matter how successful we may be in our businesses, we are nothing without Allah’s guidance. Once you are guided by Allah you will be able to benefit yourself and the the people around you.

Hopefully the Islamic system of business can be practiced within our society. Let’s make it our struggle in the way of Allah (Fi sabilillah). Pursue halal ways of earning money and In Shaa Allah you earnings will lead you to happy and contented lifestyles.

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