Muslim Populations in Europe To Triple By 2050

According to studies conducted by the Pew Research Centre, European countries could have a three fold increase in their Muslim populations by 2050.

Over the next few decades, Muslim populations in Europe will still continue to rise even if migration to the continent is halted, the studies indicate.

The model used in conducting the research took three situations into consideration to arrive at the projected number of Muslims expected to reside in Europe by 2050. The baseline for the studies was the 2016 estimate of 25.8 million Muslim on the continent.

There will be a 7.4 per cent rise of the approximately 30 million Muslims residing in Europe by 2050, as it differs to the previous year of only 4.9 per cent of total Muslims living in Europe, as the “zero migration” situation report suggested.

The study found that Muslims in Europe are 13 years younger when compared to non-Muslims living there. The demographic is also said to have a greater birth rate than non-Muslim on the continent.

The findings of the research suggest that despite the Muslim group having the highest immigration to Europe, they will still be considered a minority behind Christians and other non-religious groups.

With the massive influx of new Muslims to the continent especially as refugees in 2015 and 2016, migration has since being a hot topic of discussion across the continent.

Some European countries have faced backlash in the form of populist protests from far right groups who are especially against Muslim immigrants.

The research study comprised of immigration data, survey data, population registers and other sources. The study was conducted in 30 European countries 28 of which were EU members.

The research also indicates that Muslim populations will not be evenly distributed in Europe. It estimates that Germany and Sweden will register the biggest increases in their Muslim populations.

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