Muslim Women Top The Hygiene List

In Islam a woman who is divorced have to wait at least three monthly periods before she can remarry again. For a grieving woman who just lost her husband this waiting period is four months and ten days. If the widow realizes that she is pregnant, then her waiting period extends to the day she gives birth.

If you looked at this issue even outside of the Islamic context, you will see the sense in having a divorced or widowed woman wait a certain period of time before she starts another relationship. This in order to ascertain if she is pregnant or not. Where such a woman happens to be pregnant, this waiting period is useful in determining the paternity of the child she is carrying. Where she to re-marry quickly, doubts might occur as to whether the former/deceased husband owns the baby or the new one.

This being said, the Quran does not need a scientific justification by anyone simply because while science and human beings all belong to Allah Azawajala, the Quran in itself is “KALAMUL LAH”-The Speech of Allah. For this reason the Quran has more weight. In the Quran Allah says (translated into English):

”We will show them Our signs in the horizons and within themselves until it becomes clear to them that it is the truth. But is it not sufficient concerning your Lord that He is, over all things, a Witness?”.(Surah Fussilat 41:53)

If a woman marries another man immediately after getting a divorce, or allows the intimate mixing with another man, this is like allowing viruses access to a computer system.  Such woman may experience some imbalance in her body and dangerous infectious diseases may occur as a result.

Some hold the believe that during the first menstrual period after divorce, the woman removes 32% -35% of her husbands imprint. The second period lets of 67% -72%, and third one expels 99.9% of the man’s imprint. Thus a womb is cleansed completely after three menstrual cycles thereby readying it to receive another man without risks to injury or harm.

Therefore the practice of prostitution, or sleeping with more than one man causes dangerous diseases as a result of the mixing of sperm fluids in the womb. The waiting period for a widow is prolonged due to the time required to remove the late husband’s imprints. This is because grief causes the imprint to settle inside the womb in a very strong way. A longer waiting period allows the man’s imprint to vanish completely from inside the womb of the widow.

If a woman was to remarry immediately after being divorced or widowed,  there is great risk that her body can produce some diseases due to the sudden switching of men. The more we reflect on the Islamic injunctions, the more we tend to understand the rationale behind its teachings.


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