Muslim words you should definitely know

We often get a lot of questions from non-Muslims. They even go as far as asking questions like; Do you speak Muslim? It is key to know that Muslims don’t have a common language and most of them speak Arabic, not Muslim! Arabic is the official liturgical language of Islam however, not everyone knows how to speak it. There are certain words that we use on a daily basis, here they are…

Allahu Akbar

Each time you hear this word, you don’t have to get scared. It means ‘Allah is the greatest’. It can be used in many ways, for example, it can be said after experiencing something beautiful.


This is used to praise people that Allah has honoured and blessed with something. It means ‘What Allah wants, He gives.’ This is the most overused world in Arabic.

As-salamu Alaikum

This is used by a lot of Muslims ad non-Muslims. It means “peace be upon you”. As a matter of fact, ‘As-salamu Alaikum’ basically replaces the classic ‘hello’ or ‘whasup bro?!’. It is also used to say goodbye. The word is indeed flexible.

The full word is “Asalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullahi Wa Barakatuh” and the extended part means ‘May the peace, the mercy, and the blessings of Allah be upon you.’


SubhanAllah means ‘Glory to Allah’ and it is used in many situations and an example is when you see something extremely beautiful you can say SubhanAllah.


This is used to ask for forgiveness. It means ‘I ask Allah for forgiveness.’


This is mostly used when you plan on doing something or for making resolutions. It means “if Allah wills”.

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