Names You Would Like For Your Little Princess

Are you a Muslim parent blessed with a girl child as a sweet beautiful gift from Allah? Are you wondering how to name her? Sometimes some parents prefer giving their kids traditional names and names recognized by the society in which they live. However some may prefer to give their baby girl a name from somewhere else. You might be a Muslim or a non-Muslim and still prefer to give your little baby sweet and unique names. Well here are some pretty Muslim girl names which I am optimistic would suit your little girl perfectly:

#1. Ammuri

Ammuri is an Arabic name simply meaning beautiful, charming, enticing and captivating. It is quite a unique name, since it is not commonly used in certain localities. Even though it is not mentioned in the Quran, it is still special despite the fact that only few people use the name for their female babies. If in any case you decide on calling your child Ammuri, you can decide on nick naming her Muri,  or Ria. Both are still great choices.

#2. Azrah

Azrah is also another beautiful name you can give to your little baby girl. Azrah is also an Arabic name which means   support, protection, guard, help. Giving your child such a name is an indication of what you want her to be, by Allaah’s help.

#3. Thaminah

Thaminah is a Muslim/ Persian name which is quite unique and beautiful. Meaning something precious, valuable or worthy – it is quite an enticing name which has other similar names in its category which are awfully similar but carrying different meanings. A case in point is Thameenah which means expensive, costly, dear and Thamina which means healthy. Looking through these wonderful names you might decide on using any of them since they are all equally good names.

#4. Luna

Luna is a common Arabic name too despite tracing its roots from the Latinos. It is still a name used by many Muslims especially considering it means ‘moon’. Most parents give it to their kids as first names, while some others give it as a middle name.

You have a whole lot of names that you can give to your girl child, but picking one of these names will make her’s unique. Obviously she will stand out. Let’s just hope she grow up as a not too stubborn child, else teachers will have no trouble remembering her name as a result of its uniqueness.

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