Nine Ways to Prepare for Ramadan

Some people might think they will suddenly be ready as the Ramadan begins. However, effective planning and careful preparation will make the transition a lot easier. Below are nine ways for you to prepare your body for the month of Ramadan.

#1.Taking breakfast early 

People wake up early for Suhoor (the early morning meal) during Ramadan. You should not skip this. One can start now with having an early breakfast so as to help your body get used to eating in the early hours.

#2.The consumption of food

You could start with eating moderate quantities of food. As Ramadan is approaching, do not splurge on food, as this will increase your appetite and will make it even more difficult to fast.

#3.Don’t snack

You should start by having 3 main meals, which is breakfast, lunch and dinner and avoid taking snacks in between. You will have to get used to going on for long periods of time without any meals during Ramadan. The time from Suhoor and Iftar (the breaking of the fast) is very long and if you train yourself now to stop munching during the day, then your fasts will be a lot easier.

#4.Cease smoking

People who smoke and get into Ramadan not prepared, may experience various symptoms of withdrawal including anger, impatience, irritability, restlessness, and difficulty focusing during the hours of fasting. Smokers should reduce smoking during the day to imitate what will happen in the Ramadan during fasting hours. People should also view the month of Ramadan as an opportunity to quit smoking and other bad habits altogether.

#5.Reduce the intake of coffee

If you love coffee and don’t want to have immense headaches during the first few days of Ramadan, then you should start to reduce the intake of caffeine now.

#6.Regulate your sleep

If you are a person that goes to sleep late and wake up late, then you should start regulating your sleep starting now, because you will be waking up early for Suhoor during Ramadan.

#7.Voluntary fasts before Ramadan begins

It is better to prepare yourself for the Ramadan through practice. It will make the Ramadan easier for you if you do a few fasts in the run up to Ramadan to help you adapt. In case you want to make up for any fasts you had missed the previous year, this would be a great opportunity to make up for those.

#8.Stock up

Planning your meals before the Ramadan commences could save you a lot of hassle, particularly while you are busy adjusting in the first week of Ramadan.

#9.Consult a Doctor

If you are concerned about your ability to fast for whatever reason, be it high blood pressure or reflux, or diabetes, you should schedule an appointment with your doctor now, and check if it is safe for you to fast.

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