No Excuse For Skipping Salah

Even if we are stuck in some hardship, or we are being tested and tried, or we are disabled, or for whatever reason, remember that none of these is an excuse for missing your prayers. Your Lord, my lord the all powerful Allah Azawajala created us all for worship. And He, Allaah has mandated we fulfill our Salah.

Won’t you dedicate a few minutes everyday for your Creator the One on whom you rely for everything, including the air you breathe and the neurons in your brain? How long does it take for you to perform each Prayer?

On average you’ll spend 4-6 minutes performing the Fajr Salah. Zuhur would take 6-8 minutes, Asr another 6-8 minutes while Maghrib may take 5-7 Minutes and Ishaa 7-10 Minutes.  Total all these minutes up and you will realize that only about 28-39 minutes are spent on the compulsory prayers for every 24 hour cycle.  Let’s think about it and ask ourselves this question, do we really create time for Allah?

Salah is the best among all acts of worship. If it is accepted by Allah Azawajala, other acts of worship are also accepted. And, if the Salah is not accepted, all other acts are rejected. Praying five times during day and night purifies us from sin just as if we took bath five times during the day and night makes our bodies free from filth and dirt. It is thus befitting that we offer our prayers punctually and regularly.

Death is real, you will die alone, be buried alone, be questioned alone, you’ll answer alone, and you will stand alone before your creator Allah Azawajala, who created you. He’s Ar-Rahman, the exceedingly compassionate, the exceedingly Beneficent, the exceedingly Gracious. He is Al-Karim, the Bountiful, the Generous, who blesses you with all the beautiful gifts you enjoy in this “dunya”-the life you live, the health, the wealth, the success, your spouse(s), the fancy cars and mansions.

The grave is full of darkness so let’s take along with us the light of Salah. We should also remember that Allah is Al-Mu’id The One who re-instates. He is the one who brings back all. Allah is also Al-Mumit, The Destroyer, The Bringer of DEATH. Rich or poor, handsome or ugly, black or white, giant or small; one day we will all reach this stage. For this we should fear Allah, like we fear death. Remember death, like you remember your name so you can stay connected with Allah Azawajala.

Muslims who realize that Allah is their Lord and the giver of everything try to develop a strong relation with Him so they will stay connected with Him as much as possible. Salah can effectively help in achieving this as Allah says in Quran:

And when you have completed the prayer, remember Allah standing, sitting, or [lying] on your sides. But when you become secure, re-establish [regular] prayer. Indeed, prayer has been decreed upon the believers a decree of specified times. (4:103)

In a nutshell, those who learn and read Quran regularly are familiar with the importance of Salah and how strongly Allah Azawajala emphasized about it in His last revealed book.  Salah is an obligation on every Muslim and as such we must fulfill this sacred obligation.

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