No Hideouts for Al Qaida and Daesh in Southern Yemen, thanks to UAE Backed Forces

Recently, local security officials in Yemen have been quoted as saying that UAE-backed security services have arrested a number of Daesh (Islamic State) and Al Qaida militants who were found in hiding places trying to evade capture. According to reports, the UAE security personnel also seized large quantities of arms and ammunition during their raids held in different areas in southern Yemen.

Building on recent gains in the battle against militant groups, three Daesh cameramen who filmed attacks and a number of drive-by shootings against security personnel have been captured in the port city of Aden.

In a recent statement, Aden’s security chief had said that elite forces under his command had recently raided militants’ hiding places in Aden and found many items including devices used in tracking the movement of individuals as well as a cache of explosive materials. The search also uncovered a studio where Daesh fighters made video records of themselves before launching any operations, especially suicide bombings.

In the city of Aden, security personnel have observed a spike in hit and run shootings made in attempts on the lives of security personnel, clerics and activists in attacks calculated to cause many fatalities in the city.

According to statements, the surprise attacks from Daesh has caused officials to redouble their security efforts with new security measures that has gone a long way in helping capture many of the important and influential leaders of the militant group.

While Al Qaida and Daesh have tried hard in the past to score big in  Aden, Yemen’s second largest city and the current base of the internationally recognized government, the UAE military is working to rebuild local security agencies by providing them with basic training while also arming thousands of soldiers and getting them ready for any unexpected attacks from terror groups.

In the southern part of Shabwa, UAE-backed Shabwani Elite Forces stormed many secret Al Qaida places in the district, two months after taking control of Al Qaida’s major and most important places in the port city.

The elite forces found a lot of hidden explosive materials, mortar shells, IED’s and explosives belts in undergrounds depot in the Al Sha’aba region,   a local security officer was quoted to have said to Gulf News by telephone. He then added that they were still looking for more arms left behind by Al Qaida militants who fled the area. The officier didn’t say much since he was not allowed to brief reporters.

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