Non- Muslim voices against Muslim Registry in the United States

Since Donald Trump became president, he has promised to make changes. However, his idea of a Muslim registry (in particular) parked a lot of anger with many people and it includes the most famous people. These people are using their platforms to raise their voice against this idea.

Listed below are 6 famous people who have raised their voices so far.

1.Mayim Bialik


Mayim found fame from her role as “Amy Farrah Fowler” in The Big Bang Theory. On January 25th 2017, Mayim tweeted “I’m Jewish. I stand ready to register as a Muslim in #solidarity if it comes to that.”


Mayim Bialik ✔ @missmayim

2.Alicia Keys


At the Women’s March, Alicia gave a speech and also sang song about Discrimination, racism as well as women’s rights. The speech she gave included “No hate, no bigotry, no Muslim registry”.


3.Trevor Noah


Trevor is the host of The Daily Show. Quite often, he shows his stand on a Muslim registry. “We need to stand in solidarity with Muslim people who are being targeted by Donald Trump. If they start registering Muslims in America, we all register as Muslims”.

4.Katy Perry


Katy Perry is currently working to fund an anti-Muslim registry campaign. She is using her influence to create awareness.

5.Gloria Steinem


Gloria also spoke t the Women’s march. She is a women’s right campaigner and during her speech, she said “If you try to make Muslims register, we will all register as Muslim. So don’t try to divide us.”

6.Madeleine Albright


Madeleine is the former US Secretary of State. She has vowed to register as a Muslim if Donald Trump creates this database of Muslim Americans. In one of her statements she said “I was raised Catholic, became Episcopalian & found out later my family was Jewish,”


Madeleine Albright ✔ @madeleine

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