Overstepping the bounds: Violations in Islam

Brothers and Sisters of the Muslim Jammah, you must be aware that there are matters which nullify your Islam. We will mention here the most common violations in Islam.

  • Associating partners with Allah (Shirk).Allah, the Most High say,” truly if anyone associates partners with Allah will forbid him the garden and his abode will be the fire. The wrongdoers will have no helper. Calling upon the dead,asking for their help or offering them gifts or sacrifices are all forms of shirk.


  • Sitting up intermediaries between oneself and Allah, making supplication to them, asking their intercession with Allah, and placing one’s trust in them is unbelief of the existing of Allah.


  • Anyone who does not consider polytheists (mushrikeen) to be unbelievers, or who has doubts concerning their unbelief, or consider their way to be correct, should called himself an unbeliever (kafir).


  • Anyone who believes any guidance other than the Prophet’s (SAW) guidance to be more perfect, or a decision other than the Prophet’s decision to be better, is an unbeliever. This applies to those who prefer the rule of Evil to the Prophet’s rule.


  • Anyone who hates any part of what the Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him), has declared to be lawful has nullified his Islam, even though he may act in accordance with it. Allah the most high, says: “Because they dislike what Allah has revealed. Their deeds are brought to nothing.”


  • Anyone who ridicules any aspect of the religion of the messenger of Allah (peace be on him), or any of its rewards or punishments, becomes an unbeliever. Allah the most high, “Says: Do you ridicule Allah, His revelation and his Messenger? Make no excuse; you have disbelieved after your (profession of) Faith.”


  • The practice of magic included in this is causing a rift between a husband and wife by turning his love for her into hatred, or tempting a person to do things he dislike by using black arts. One who engages in such a thing or is pleased with it is outside the pale of Islam. Allah the most high, Says” The two ( Angels, Harut and Marut) did not teach anyone (magic) without warning them, Indeed, we are a trial; then do not disbelieve”.


  • Supporting and aiding polytheists against Muslims. Allah the most high, says: “The one among you who supports them belongs to them. Truly, Allah does not guide the people who do wrong.”


  • Anyone who believes that some people are permitted to deviate from the Shari’ah of Muhammed (peace be upon him) is an unbeliever by the word of Allah. The most high: “If anyone seeks a religion other than al-Islam it will not be accepted from him, and in the hereafter he will be among the losers.”


  • To turn completely away from the religion of Allah. Neither learning its precept nor acting upon it. Allah the Most High, Says: “who does greater wrong than the one who reminded of the revelation of his Lord and turns away from them. Truly, We shall recompense the guilty, and He also says: “But those who disbelieve turn away from that about which they are warned.” It makes no difference whether such violations are committed as a joke, in seriousness or out of fear, except when they are done under compulsion(Force).

We Seek refuge in Allah from such deeds as entail his wrath and severe punishment. May ALLAH guide us from such Violations.  Ameen.


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