Pakistani Muslim Finds his Sister Dancing in a Night Club, You Won’t Believe What He Did Next!

The names of people in this story have been changed to protect their identities.

Like most nights, Ahmed was out cruising the streets of Dubai with his friends. It wasn’t too late but they were headed towards one of the city’s top night clubs for a night of fun and dancing.

Having moved out some five years ago, Ahmed was living his own life in an apartment his father had bought him. Though Ahmed was born in Pakistan, his family had settled in Dubai since he was 17 and he was the only son of his parents and the elder brother to his sister Shayla, who was 2 years younger than him.

Even though he was supposed to be finishing his MBA by now, Ahmed had lately fallen into the wrong company and wasn’t doing so well with his studies. However, since his father could afford him, he didn’t care too much either.

Like all the other nights, him and his friends were probably a little drunk too, and as they entered the night club, they were set for a night of partying. As they scanned the floor, Ahmed and two of his friends noticed this one girl dancing in a corner with two guys and doing a pretty good job of it. Even though they couldn’t see her from the front, they knew they had to try and get a dance with her.

Ahmed instantly fell for her wavy black hair and the moves she was pulling, and before anyone else could, he started walking towards her with a glass in his hand, all set to offer her a drink and a dance.

He had only taken a couple of steps before the girl broke a move and turned, and in that instant, time stopped for Ahmed, the glass in his hand slipped, and for what seemed like an eternity, he could not believe his eyes – the girl was his very own younger sister, Shayla.

For a moment, memories long past flashed in front of him and it was the shattering of the glass that brought him back to the present. It was then that the whole scenario began to sink in, and while only seconds had passed since all this happened, Ahmed’s whole world went upside down.

Ahmed dared not look back, even though he could hear his friends whispering things he wished he didn’t hear, and he knew very well, how some of them even recognized Shayla, which made things even harder.

He didn’t know what to do – whether to turn back and get out of the club or to approach his sister and somehow…fix all this.

His feet were stuck, he was still, and then, as he saw the two boys dancing with that girl inch closer, he felt his blood boil, he began to literally hear his heartbeat in his head – and before he knew it, he picked up a shard from the broken glass on the floor and started walking towards his sister and the two men.

With every step, he played all the scenarios in his head, he would not stop, he would make the guys bleed. He would stab and cut them into pieces for treating his sister in such a disrespectful way. How could they? How could she? Does she not care for our honor? Does she not care about the family’s name? – All these questions and thoughts raced around in his head as he approached them.

As he was just a couple of steps away, the girl, Shayla, looked at him, and while he expected her to recognize him and perhaps stop whatever she was doing. It was shocking how she didn’t even register him. It was as if she didn’t even know him.

That was when he decided to…

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