Pre-Ramadan Preparation: Food Shopping & Preservation Tips

Food shopping for Ramadan will always be a great task for individuals and households. Some foods have a shorter life span thereby if not consumed quickly, it might spoil.

During Ramadan, we tend to purchase a lot of food products. This may lead to over-spending and one way to take care of it is to limit wastage.

Below are tips which will help when making a list of food purchase during Ramadan and ways to preserve it.


#1. Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables should be consumed more frequently during Ramadan. They serve as an important role in the diet of individuals which directly relates to the aims of Ramadan.

It may be of any form i.e. dry fruits, frozen etc.

Preservation: Keep fresh fruits and vegetables in the air for some amount of time (as this will expand the time of freshness) then place in the refrigerator.

Store dates in the refrigerator and other dry fruits can be stored in a jar.

#2. Meat

Ideally one should purchase meat weekly. Make an estimated amount of meat to use each week. This will help to keep track of your finances thereby not over spending.  Avoid buying meat that would last more than a week in the fridge.

Preservation: Pre-cook the meat before placing it in the freezer.

#3. Bread

Buy a reasonable amount of bread that you might need. It is often the case that bread consumption is reduced during ramadan as families go for full meals and have less sandwiches

Preservation: Freeze the bread. Then whenever needed, you could always heat it in the oven.

#4. Eggs

Buying large quantities of eggs can always be a problem. Storing eggs in the refrigerator with the porosity of the egg shell may cause the egg to take sharp flavors of other food stored with it.

Preservation: Store them in a carton and place in the kitchen cabinet.

#5. Dairy

Consider the expiry dates of the products you buy. It has also been said that during Ramadan, there is always a shortage of food products or an increment in price. So to be on a budget, purchase food products before Ramadan.

Bonus Tip; Keep your sugar in a tightly sealed jar.

Remember to always eat healthily!

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