Pre Ramadan Preparations: 8 Ways To Prepare Your Body For Ramadan

Preparing for Ramadan has always proved to be one of the major challenges in life. As we approach Ramadan, we always wonder, if we’ll be able to get through it; how to cope on the first few days.


Here are 8 ways to prepare your body for Ramadan:

#1. Voluntary Fast days

Before Ramadan, take up some voluntary fast days. This can help a great deal as it’ll give a true picture of what’s yet to come. This can also help you to make up for what you missed (if any) previously. Like the saying goes- practice makes perfect.

#2. Visit to the doctor

If you have a certain illness and you’re not sure if it’s safe to fast, contact your doctor to be able to know if you are in the right health condition to fast.

#3. Early breakfast

Start having an early morning breakfast. It is important not to skip Suhoor (pre-dawn meal) because it will provide the strength you need to get through the first few hours of fasting. Start having an early morning breakfast so that your body will be accustomed to it and most especially if you’re not a breakfast eater.

#4. Stock up

Meal planning before Ramadan gives a greater edge. It prepares you for having a menu for the first seven days and most importantly, all the food items you’ll need to buy.

#5. Avoid snack times

Get used to three-course meals a day. Avoid eating snacks in between. This is because during Ramadan you’re only accustomed to two meals (suhoor and Iftar). Avoiding snacks will help a great deal as it will prepare you to adjust to the two meals.

#6. Regulate sleep

If you often sleep late, try to adjust to sleep early so as to be able to wake up for Suhoor.

Note that Ramadan does not mean that you don’t have to work so regulate yourself, considering all aspects of your day-to-day life.

#7. Avoid Coffee intake

If you’re a big time coffee person, try to minimize it or cut it out totally. You can start by cutting the number of cups you take per day. Limit it to one cup then start drinking decaffeinated coffee until you’re able to cut it out of your diet.

During Ramadan, intake of coffee gives a pounding headache.

#8. Food consumption

Try as much as possible no to splurge on the food. This will only increase your appetite thereby making Ramadan seem difficult.

Bonus tip: #9. Reduce smoking or quit

Smoking is an addiction. Quite a good number of people can smoke a full pack or more within 24 hours.

What happens to them during Ramadan?

They suffer from various withdrawal symptoms like restlessness, anger etc. This makes it extremely difficult for them to concentrate on Fasting.

How do you avoid these symptoms?

Reduce the amount of cigarettes to prepare yourself for Ramadan.

Also, Ramadan provides an opportunity to quit smoking entirely.

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