Pre-Ramadan Preparations: Inner Self

The path to righteousness starts now!

In times of Ramadan, Muslims all over the world adapt to changes in behavior, all in the stride to being the best version of their selves and better Muslims.

Preparing yourself for Ramadan is key and below are the steps to prepare for Ramadan;


#1. Fasting the first half of Sha’ban

It has been said that Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was never known to fast an entire month except the month of Ramadan and also, he never fasted more than he did in the month of Sha’ban.

Fasting in this particular time gives you a heads-up as to help prepare yourself for Ramadan. In doing so, you’ll be able to follow the advice of the prophet and also be able to please Allah.

#2. Begin the countdown

Create the hype!

Share Ramadan messages with people, bring your social media usage update-to-date about Ramadan. The countdown to anything creates motivation for looking forward to it.

#3. Pre-Ramadan plans

Plan give-a-ways to people. Planning daily activities during Ramadan will have a great impact. Whilst planning, consider your schedule and commitments.

Your plan may include, reading Islamic articles, listening to a lecture, charity or Qur’an recitation.

These are great plans to be included in daily activity routines. Please consider doing it everyday i.e. after Ramadan and beyond

#4. Stock your mind

Research and read!

Finding more about Ramadan gives you a better understanding. You’ll be well equipped to know and answer questions about Ramadan.

It also prepares you mentally and makes you understand more about Islam.

#5. Forgo ‘Haram’ activities

Get rid of those haram activities you have been engaged with, either small or big. Recognizing haram is a step forward. Refraining from it is another step.

#6.Sincere Dua’

Turn to Allah and ask for forgiveness. Ask him to show you the way forward and to guide you. Never underestimate the power of Dua’. Everything in life will come to you with the help of Allah.

Also, remember that without the help of Allah, success will always fall apart.

Consider Taqwa and Patience


Everything you do in life starts small then expands. Take it a step at a time.

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