Problems Hijabis Face Each Day

Hijab styles are considered to be extremely beautiful and simple. However it isn’t always easy especially when you have to deal with the following seven situations, which take place very frequently. This article also serves as a message to marketers and people that are looking forward to start up hijabi-themed businesses.

Hijab is known to be extremely beautiful and it isn’t always easy to wear the hijab. The following situations always confront the Hijabi:

#1. Ear-covering hijabi having to wear ear rings

A lot of hijabis talk about their experience of wearing the headscarf and most of them  have to give up wearing their earrings. For people that wear the hijab in such a way that it covers their ears, it becomes a discomfort if they wear earrings.  For this reason, the hijabi will have to give away their precious earrings.

#2. Problems of wearing the helmet-with a bun styled hair

If you ever tried wearing a helmet while having your hair as a bun then you already know the struggle. When you try this on with a hijab afterwards imagine how messy your hair will look.

#3. Corner of special handbags-made of magnet for safety pins

A magnet for bobby pins is already in the market but to keep them organized and together is still a major problem. There is also a problem for hijabis when it comes to safety pins. We often prick ourselves when trying to pin our headscarves.

#4.For messy Hijabis- A fancy bib

It is said that equality is one of the west’s best assets. If that is true then restaurants should provide their hijabi costumers with fancy bibs. No one has the time to literally walk around with stains on their clothes.

#5. Headscarf and earphones don’t work together

In this case, there is a double problem. With a headscarf a person is not able to wear earphones properly. You can only put on the earphones correctly when putting on the hijab. Also to remove the headphones you will have to undo the hijab entirely.

#6. Headscarves that do not absorb water in the hair

During the winter time, most of us hijabis get ill because of the cold and especially when we have to wash our hair. For this reason, we would always catch a cold. The headscarves we have currently will absorb the water and make it look like we created a small island on our heads. This is something we are worried about and as a result, we need nonabsorbent headscarves.

#7. Pin detector for hijabis

This can be useful for the entire family. There are time when hijabis drop pins without realizing it. A pin detector will help locate pins easily. A lot of people around the house will be safe from getting pricked.

The problems mentioned are what hijabis face and it is about time we put an end to them.

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