Quranic verses on Pharaoh’s Minister Haman

Haman was a minister of the pharaoh during the era of Prophet Musa. His name, Haman is mentioned six times throughout the whole Qur’an, four times with Pharaoh and twice by himself. Keep reading to find out what the Qur’an says about him.

And We wished to be Gracious to those who were being depressed in the land, to make them leaders (in Faith) and make them heirs, (Surah Al-Qasas, 5)

To establish a firm place for them in the land, and to show Pharaoh, Haman, and their hosts, at their hands, the very things against which they were taking precautions. (Surah Al-Qasas, 6)

Then the people of Pharaoh picked him up (from the river): (It was intended) that (Moses) should be to them an adversary and a cause of sorrow: for Pharaoh and Haman and (all) their hosts were men of sin. (Surah Al-Qasas, 8)

Pharaoh said: “O Chiefs! no god do I know for you but myself: therefore, O Haman! light me a (kiln to bake bricks) out of clay, and build me a lofty palace, that I may mount up to the god of Moses: but as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!” (Surah Al-Qasas, 38)

(Remember also) Qarun, Pharaoh, and Haman: there came to them Moses with Clear Signs, but they behaved with insolence on the earth; yet they could not overreach (Us). (Surah Al-‘Ankabut, 39)

Of old We sent Moses, with Our Signs and an authority manifest, (Surah Ghafir, 23)

To Pharaoh, Haman, and Qarun; but they called (him)” a sorcerer telling lies!”… (Surah Ghafir, 24)

Pharaoh said: “O Haman! Build me a lofty palace, that I may attain the ways and means- (Surah Ghafir, 36)

“The ways and means of (reaching) the heavens, and that I may mount up to the Allah of Moses: But as far as I am concerned, I think (Moses) is a liar!” Thus was made alluring, in Pharaoh’s eyes, the evil of his deeds, and he was hindered from the Path; and the plot of Pharaoh led to nothing but perdition (for him). (Surah Ghafir, 37)


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