Ramadan Preparation: Things Every Muslim Should Do

Ramadan is right at the corner, are you prepared? This month of holiness is full of virtues and importance for us Muslims and it is imperative that we maximize the potential of this month. Many of us delay our preparations both spiritual and physical till the month draws up on us. This makes it hard for us to click into gear and reap the rewards of this month. You can’t just flip a switch and expect to get your life in Ramadan mode, you have to prepare for it. In this article we are going to list ways that can help you get a fruitful and blessed month of Ramadan.

Start A Countdown

Start counting down the days to Ramadan as this helps you to be conscious of it every day. Preferably, share it with your family and friends just to get the Ramadan feeling around your loved ones and into your life.

Seek More Knowledge About Ramadan 

For one to reap the rewards of Ramadan he should first have a vast knowledge and understanding about this blessed month. Learn about the dos and don’ts, learn about the deeds that attract more blessings, learn about its history and its benefits. All these will act as a motivation to spur you on to having an enlightening Ramadan.

Draw Up A Ramadan Schedule

Write down the things you want to do in Ramadan and how to best achieve these goals. Reading the Quran, praying Taraweeh, giving out charity should be one of the most important things on your list. These should be done with the intention of continuing it even after Ramadan.

Spiritual Preparation

Ramadan is month of worshiping and worshiping only comes easy to those who have Imaan and high spirituality. Start working hard to get your Imaan up before Ramadan sets in as it would be easier to fulfil your religious obligations and reaping the unlimited rewards of the month. You can start by reading the Quran more or learning to read the Quran for those who are not able to, improving your punctuality in prayer, getting up early for Fajr etc. you can also start refraining from bad deeds that can invalidate or weaken your fasting. And a lot of other deeds and actions that can reinvigorate you for Ramadan.

Drop Bad Habits

Habits like smoking, back-biting, music etc. should all be stopped as they only weaken the validity of your fasting. Fasting is much more than refraining from food, water and sexual intercourse, it entails refraining from your evil desires also. Bad habits are hard to drop but with the right intention and dua for guidance from Allah SWT, you’d be surprise to see the wonders Ramadan can do for you, insha Allah.

Make Your Deen Your Priority

Many of us tend to the give Islam the back seat in our lives and putting a whole lot of stuff ahead of it. Instead of planning our religion around our lives we should plan our lives around our religion, make your deen your priority. All this adds to your Imaan and makes sure you are on the right track come Ramadan.

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