Riyadh Hosts Economic Forum for Women

While opening the Women’s Economic Forum in Riyadh recently, Founder of the WIL Series, Sophie Le Ray said that Saudi Arabia is opening a new page in its history.

Le Ray pointed out that the nations of the GCC region are generating jobs and making it more socially acceptable and easier for women to join the workforce. She added that the Kingdom is opening a new page in its history, making incredible social changes and underlining its willpower to move forward to a more successful future.

Le Ray went on to say that one of the main drivers to the objectives of modernization set out in the ambitious Vision 2030 and National Transformation is the empowerment of women. She said that economic performance, creativity, innovation and the economic landscape of the Arab world will be transformed by the labors, talents, and skills of women.

Le Ray said that this inaugural forum was held in Dubai 10 years ago and was only attended by women. Fast forwarding 10 years later, she noted that both men and women from all over the world were in attendance to discuss and champion diversity.

Sophie Le Ray went noting that empowering women and moving toward a more inclusive society is just smart economics that moves beyond talk to action.

The attendees were looking forward to hearing from the panel of speaker, with 900 people registered to attend the forum. A student studying at Dar Al-Hekma University came from Jeddah to attend the forum and she said that she is very excited to attend and learn.

Vice president, strategy and market analyst at Saudi Aramco, Yasser Mufti for his part told the gathering that Aramco has made much progress in gender diversity. He noted that his company has now undergone some significant changes as one third of the floor workers were now women.

Mufti went on to advice the women and their male counterparts, saying “Seize the opportunity you are given”. He said that with determination, they will all together succeed, and make kingdom’s Vision 2030 a reality.

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