Saudi Crown Prince Calls Iran, the Muslim Brotherhood and Terrorists as “Triangle of Evil”

In a recent interview with a US magazine, Mohammed Bin Salman (MBS), the crown prince of Saudi Arabia has lashed out at what he called “the Triangle of Evil”; the Iranian regime, the Muslim Brotherhood and terrorists.

In an interview published on Monday, the crown prince Mohammed bin Salman told The Atlantic magazine that top on the triangle is the Iranian regime he said wants to spread their belief in and support for the Shiite ideology.

MBS said that the Iranians believe that if they spread their Shiite doctrine, the hidden Imam will come out and rule the world.

For the Muslim Brotherhood that crown prince considers as the second among the vertices   of the triangle of evil, he said it is only an organization that falsely wants to hide behind democracy so as to take power and build shadow caliphates all over the world and eventually transform their caliphates into an empire.

Concluding the triangle is terrorists spread far and wide including Al Qaida and Daesh (Islamic State) who want to do everything in their powers to enforce their radicalized interpretations of religion on the world’s populace.

According to the crown prince, the triangle is promoting ideologies that are on the fringes of Islam.  He pointed out that countries like Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Jordan, Bahrain, Oman, Kuwait, the UAE, and Yemen are defending the idea that independent nations should put their interest on building good relations on the foundation of the principles of UN. The evil triangle does not want that to happen, he said.

He further said that he challenged anyone to produce evidence that the government of Saudi Arabia aided terrorist groups by giving them money. The crown prince agrees that there are people within the kingdom who aided and supported terrorist groups against Saudi law.

“We have a lot of people in jail for doing such things. However, one of the reasons we have a financial problem with Qatar is that we are not allowing them to use the financial system between us to collect money from the people of Saudi and give it to extremist organizations.” He said.

In response to a question on whether he believed the Jewish people had a right to a nation state in at least part of their ancestral homeland, the Saudi Crown Prince answered saying every single person has a right to liberty, a right to live peacefully in their nation, but insisted on the importance of peace accords.

MBS said he believes the people of Palestine and Israel have a right to their land, but a peaceful agreement must be made to ensure stability between the two nations.

“There are a lot of interests we share with Israel,” he said, while emphasizing that if there is peace between Israel and Palestine, then this will be in the interest of both countries and its Gulf neighbors as well as Egypt and Jordan.

The crown prince said that he supported women who represented half of the Saudi society noting that there is no difference between males and females as both genders have their own duties.

“In everything we do, there is always gender equality,” he said.

The Crown Prince however noted that getting rid of some laws means creating crisis for families that do not want to give freedom to their daughters, due to some unknown reasons.

“The people of Saudi Arabia don’t want to lose their identity but we want to be part of the global culture, we want to merge our culture with global identity,” the prince in line to the throne concluded.

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