Seeking Knowledge in The Islamic World

It has been for quite some time esteemed by neo-Atheists by any semblance of Sam Harris, Richard Dawkins, Daniel Dennette and Christopher Hitchens that Islam, as a religion, as far as anyone knows renders innovative, exploratory and dynamic headways. The contention goes, since Islam starts from the Middle East–a district on earth loaded with human rights violations, savage social practices and stagnation in different compartments of knowledge–this state of mind of great retrogression to nineteenth century qualities and standards, must be a natural property of Islam. As hostile, unconfirmed and misleading (paradox of division), these perspectives are they are held by many.

This article will manage two matters. The first being the obligation set on the shoulders of all Muslims, by Islam, to look for and get learning. The second being a speculation of mine on why the Middle East has gotten to be notorious as the pioneer of savageness and absence of education in the present day age.

Allah will raise those who have believed among you and those who were given knowledge, by degrees. And Allah is Acquainted with what you do.” (58:11)

Although narrations encouraging seeking knowledge are plenty, this wise saying alone itself suffices. This tradition eliminates any time limit put on pursuing knowledge. Unlike many obligatory Islamic practices that have a time limit, like fasting being obligatory during a specific month and prayer during explicit times of the day, the act of seeking knowledge has no time limit.

Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim”. Sunan Ibn Majah, Tradition 224.

Many traditional men may propose that the first hadith (tradition) is concerning men exclusively and that women should not embark on a journey for enlightenment. Acquiring knowledge has been made obligatory on men and women, alike, based on the tradition above – that is accepted by both Shi’iahs and Sunnis. Note: The hadith below is inclusive of human beings of all subclasses, not being gender or class specific.

Seek knowledge even as far as going to the depths of seas”. Book of (Bahar-al-Anwar)277/71

Had they took after the directions of the Holy Prophet and the Qur’an been of higher need to Muslims, they would not have been a disgrace to Islam with their dishonorable notoriety of being uneducated and in reverse. Particularly given the Islamic Golden Age, amid of which a portion of the best innovations and academic work in all fields was done, it makes one astounded on how the larger part of contemporary Muslims are uneducated and boorish. In addition, crediting the flaws of the Middle East to Islam’s natural message succumbs to the misrepresentation of division.

Islam, with its unique immaculately- intentioned pioneers, began off as a principled religion tested social and otherworldly symbols, be they consistent (ideological) or physical, that filled one extreme need of legitimating business as usual. It put a conclusion to Arab social orders based upon class divisions – honorable or not, ace and slave, demeaned and subjugating, ruler and ruled, hostage and free. Islam annulled the framework worked by the elites that permitted them to thrive through its benefits for them. Be that as it may, once this honorable religion got to be dispossessed of scrupulous pioneers, its social framework crumpled. The same degenerate pioneers now holed up behind the façade of monotheism, yet still stayed steady with their strategies for oppression.

On what premise do these degenerate governments thrive? Lack of education of the masses. Such fascism is safeguarded on the premise of stifling Islam’s inborn progressive thought. The enlivening of the general population, freeing them from the shackles of delusional satisfaction, requires for them looking for learning and getting to be proficient. Be that as it may, so for as there’s an imposing business model on information, such an event won’t happen. Such an event turns out to be further extended when outer powers give backing to these oppressive tyrants due to their own particular egotistical, materialistic, and vain cravings.

For these exceptionally reasons, by means of pilgrim ideological extension, the larger part of Muslims living in supposed “Islamic” fascism in the Middle East have been rationally oppressed to the bodily interests of degenerate caliphs. For this very reason, it would bode well why a considerable lot of these states have blue-penciled channels of learning that represent a potential risk of achieving an a life if enlightenment. Shockingly, this nearby mindedness found in Muslim people group, all around, might be credited to them just being presented to state supported and controlled mediums of news. Lamentably along these lines, such tyrants have taken the position of Islamic pioneers, yet their greed and selfish aims are as present as ever.

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