Shed Your Sins and Unlock Your Heart

In a world where a small body is seen as the ideal size, millions of people take great care in what they eat so as not to get too overweight. Just go down the aisles in any supermarket, you will see shoppers reading content boxes for information. Research have shown that a lot of shoppers nowadays make a lot of effort in knowing their daily calorie consumption.

We have all seen the effects of obesity and for this reason we are all eager  to slim down. We want to avoid getting heart disease, high blood pressure and diabetes that comes with being obese. We want to be healthy, and we want to stay healthy for the rest of our lives. So we have figured that the best way to do this is by shedding off some weight. Surely, losing weight is a great idea.

What of shedding our sins? Shouldn’t we start considering getting rid of all the pile stocks of sin that we have sent forth? Do we yearn for a clean slate when we meet our maker? Obviously we all agree that we want to meet Allaah Azawajal when He has forgiven all our sins. But are we really ‘working out’ our sins?

Getting The Clean Slate

For starters, how do we get a clean slate? In the Holy Qur’an Allaah reveled a verse which translates into English as follows:

No! Rather, the stain has covered their hearts of that which they were earning (83:14)

The consensus is that the stain mentioned in this verse refers to sins. When we sin, we cover our hearts with stain. Gradually the heart is stained altogether. Now that’s the point of no return. In physical fitness, we can liken this point to tipping the scale. How can we avoid getting to this point?

#1. Taubah (Repentance)

When one repents, one takes a firm decision not to engage in the sin again. It is both a matter of the heart (intent) and action (physically stopping the sin) and only for Allaah’s sake. Many people make a mistake when they ‘repent’. They physically leave the sin perhaps because they are too old to do the sin but they still reminiscent on their past sinful lifestyles. That Taubah is faulty.

#2. Leave the Major sins

Leaving the major sins of associating partners with Allaah, desisting from all forms of shirk (major & minor), desisting from lying, desisting from eating riba (usury), not backbiting and not involving oneself in things that is of no concern to oneself are all ways that you can stop piling new sins.

If we are really interested in shedding of our sins, then we must stop listening to music. Music hardens the heart and prevents it from soaking divine messages. When you listen to music you render your heart dead. A dead heart cannot yearn to get back to its creator.

Have you been depressed lately? Are you grappling with an ever tightening heart? Do you get angered easily? If so I remind myself and you the reader to strive hard in getting back to Allaah. We can start doing so by shedding our sins only for Allaah’s sake. Once we get that done we will live happily.

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