Five Lessons from Arab Parents

Parents don’t just give life to their children, but they also happen to be the most loving and caring when it comes to the well-being and future of their children. Parents try their hardest to see their children excel in life, but Arab parents are ahead of many others in how far they will go to see that their children succeed.

Below are some of the things that Arab parents are passionate in doing for their children. We call it Arab parenting!

#1.Motivating children to study law, medicine or engineering

Other fields of study being too ordinary, Arab parents have the habit of influencing their children to perform exceptionally well in their academic work during their high school days, hoping for them to become either lawyers, doctors or engineers.

#2.You’ll be chastised if you fail to attend family dinners

 Although family dinners could sometimes be awfully boring and uncomfortable, but when it comes to Arab families, family dinners are always compulsory to attend. In case you miss dinner for some reason, you’d be chastised till the next dinner.

#3.Constant Reminders of Family Heritage

 It is very important to remind your children where they come from and what their family tradition and heritage is. Arab parents will constantly remind their kids these. Whenever you are sitting alone with your parents in the living room, they will constantly give you lessons on your heritage and tradition.

#4.Avoiding pets because of their uncleanness

Many ethnicities consider certain animals or pets unclean and not suitable for domestication. Arab parents will not allow their children to domesticate pets, especially dogs, because they are unclean. Don’t even try asking your mum, “can I have a puppy as a pet?” the answer is always a firm “no”.

#5.Talking to you about marriage immediately after you graduate from college

Marriage is a very important thing to discuss with your children. Certainly everyone with Arab parents has been there or will eventually be. Immediately after you graduate from college, you will certainly hear your parents tell you that they can’t wait to see you get married, especially your mother.

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