Smart People Who Grow Online Businesses Don’t play by the Rules: Here is why

Smart people who grow online businesses don’t play by the Rules, yes this is correct,  Want to Grow Your Online Business Stop Playing By The Rules.

When you don’t play by the same rules as others and there are no restrictions, chances of you winning are 1000% better than those who come after. Why? Because this is how the world operates. In the real world, people say ; “it’s not what you know but who you know is more important.” On the internet, i say:

“It’s not what you know, but when do you know it and what you do with it, that is key”.

One of the fastest growing traffic channel most people don’t use for business is Instagram. It was already growing really fast but when Facebook paid a cool Billion to purchase it, the growth has been on steroids ever-since. The smart people jumped on it early but if you missed the early ride, when Facebook bought it, you should have jumped on it for sure.

Sad part is, most businesses trying to market themselves either don’t know about it, or are not using it as they should. I decided to make this post as simple as i can, on how to get interaction with your brand and how to grow by not following the rules.

More and more people around the world are using handheld devices and Instagram is cool way to connect with your socially engaged and connected customers. Just to put in perspective, active users on Instagram has surpassed 130 million people per month and they are there to spend time. More than a billion photos are liked every single day. The world of marketing is ever-chaging and those who understand this early and act on it, reap the reward much better than those who come later. The best type of marketing outreach no longer is the one where you sit back and let people come to you.

A good football player will never wait for the ball to come to him, he will go to the ball. But a great football player will go where the ball will be, rather than where it is.

The marketing growth hackers of the world understand this better than anyone. They find and charter waters, which others have stayed away from.

They look for big traffic deposits and find ways to capitalize on them.

Airbnb did it with Craigslist and became one of the biggest daily rental companies in the world. Every posting, which was made on Airbnb, automatically got posted to the relevant section on Craigslist. For example if you added a room for rent in Canary Wharf area of London on Airbnb, they automatically placed that ad on Rooms for rent in Canary Wharf area of London on Craigslist, which already had millions of people looking for ads to consume.

Traffic deposit already existed and growth hackers from Airbnb took advantage of it. They knew an average person trying to rent their room through the platform would not have the know how, desire or the time to post the same ad on Craigslist.

They did all the work and made it so easy that an average Joe just had to click and done. As others found out and tried to do the same, Craigslist changed it’s rules.

Early adopters win and most companies actually let them win

The early adopters win and most companies actually let them win. Why, because that is how they get initial traction. When Facebook launched its app platform, there was no limit to how many people you can invite. Simply; with one click you can invite all your friends to use your app. Every person who used the app, was also a walking talking marketer for the maker of the app. Automatic messages were sent to your wall, which informed others, you were using the app.

Small percentage of those others, also tried the app you were using and the cycle continued to get the initial app makers millions of users. Those millions of user headlines in the press, made others rush to Facebook to develop and launch their own apps. As the market formed, Facebook changed its rules of engagement for how apps were promoted. It would be very difficult for the app of today to reach the distribution of early apps; not because they are not good, but the set of rules they have to play with are different.

Same was true for the early users of Instagram, there was no limit to how many people you could interact with to gain followers. As the market formed, now there are limits per day for what you can or cannot do.

Every business that existed followed the same process. Google, up until few years ago, had very limited rules. You could create millions of automatic thin content pages and instantly grow your organic traffic from Google. Let’s say you had 5 million pages on your site from day one, even if .001% of the pages got traffic, it would net you 5,000 users per day.

Those who understood it, took advantage of it like no tomorrow. Crazy amount of Question/Answer sites were launched, Google changed the rules and most of those thin content sites are no where to found.

Facebook follows this rule with everything they do.

They launched Facebook pages, which allowed unlimited amount of fans to follow your page. The initial bunch went crazy, your post was seen by all the people who liked your page and some people generated amazing amount of traffic from it. As the market formed, Facebook changed its rule, reach to your organic followers doesn’t work the same anymore.

Want to win in business or want to win over others in your industry? Become the early adopter for current and emerging traffic hubs.

Rules will be different for you compared to those who come after market is already formed. When the new growing app or network already reaches the liquidity, they will definitely change the rules. Because you did not have the same rules to play with, you will win over others. You want to win in business, don’t be a good football player who doesn’t wait for the ball to come to him but become a great football player “who goes where the ball will be”.

Do opportunities exist on traffic hubs, even with the changed rules?

Yes, they do, and I will discuss taking advantage of such opportunities in some of my upcoming posts. To get early access, please comment below with your details and subscribe to our list.

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