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In life, one of the most important choices you will need to make is who to marry. This choice is so important that if you miss it, you will suffer for long, if you get it right then you will


The mainstream media is quick to label the Muslim woman/wife as a subjugated individual. That narrative is purely intended to defame the religion of Allah. Islam gives a number of rights to a wife over her husband including: The Mahr


Allah has put some educative and admiring words in the Holy Quran about love, marriage and temptation. People normally say Allah knows best and things happening in our lives are regarded as destiny so therefore they are meant to happen.


Marriage is a contract between two people; more of a mutual agreement between a man and a woman. In Islam, it is a religious duty as it is the only way to indulge intimacy between a man and a woman.


Marriage is a very sacred deed, especially in Islam, as the Qur’an teaches us the importance of it. The Qur’an states several emphasis on marriage and how and why it should be done. As a man, when searching for a


During the pre-Islamic era, women were marginalized and considered mere commodities of their male counterparts. As a matter of fact, they were bet on and in gambling and there was no limit to the number of women one could marry;