Take a Moment to Reflect, this is Just Dunya

Anas b. Malik (RA) reported that Allah’s Messenger (peace be upon him) said: It would be said to the non-believers on the Day of Resurrection: If you were to possess gold, filling the whole earth, would you like to secure your freedom by paying that? He would say: Yes. Thereupon it would be said to him: Something easier (than this) was demanded from you (but you paid no heed to it).

(Sahih Muslim, Book 52, Hadith 39)

We live in a fast-paced materialistic world. In most cases, we pass our time on earth in the pursuit of illusive things that we may never get. Sometimes even where we attain our goals of getting all the things we wished for, it doesn’t benefit us in anything. Imagine the one who worked hard all his life to earn millions and billions of dollars. At the end he may live of off just a quarter of his wealth while the remaining is stashed in banks somewhere. What has such wealth benefited him?

In the search for the materialistic things of this world, many ignore the demarcation between what is legal (Halal) and what is forbidden (Haram). They grab every opportunity that comes to them without paying any attention to whether the source is right or not. Such people live on this earth as if they are here to stay forever.

Man is indeed for the most part, delusional! Many would read this Hadith but they will quickly conclude that they are safe since it refers to ‘non-believers’. Did we get a guarantee from Allaah that we will die as Muslims? Have we asked Allaah to let us die as Muslims as directed in the Quran? Are your current actions in line with the life of one who wishes to die in the state of Islam?

We hoard riches, buy expensive materials that we only use once in a while and spend our riches on useless things. We will do anything to get ahead in the dunya, to be seen as successful. We crave for recognition. We crave for fame. We follow the tale of the cattle anywhere it goes but yet we only worship with our hearts thinking of the next opportunity, the next big thing to be conquered.

Honestly, we never tire of earning, of amassing, of strengthening our positions in the dunya. We become sleepless at the slight thought of losing something, we spend lots of time pondering how to push away any misfortune headed our way, yet we live the affairs of the morrow behind us. We fool ourselves into thinking of a time in the future when we will dedicate our time in the ‘service of the Almighty’. Aren’t we delusional?

What will happen if we die all of a sudden without reaching that ‘time’ we said we’ll focus on the worship of Allaah? Knowing that all the wealth we’ve amassed won’t help us in any way in the afterlife, what will we do? Imagine the regrets!

O Muslims! Let us work for our sustenance and let us spend the rest of our time in the worship of Allaah. Let us even seek the pleasure of Allaah in the way we seek our sustenance and in the way we raise our families so we will be rewarded by Allaah for everything we do. Let us worship Allaah as if there is no tomorrow, for verily, tomorrow is not guaranteed to both you and me.

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