Ten things that invalidate your Salat

Salat in Islam is an obligatory Muslim prayer and is part of the pillars of Islam. It is one of those times that creates a a direct connection with God. In as much as prayer is obligatory, there are things that invalidate Salat and they’re listed below.

  1. To eat or drink something while performing a prayer

Eating while praying is not acceptable and it includes chewing gum-without swallowing. As long as there is movement in the mouth (which includes; chewing, tasting) it invalidates wudu thus prayers in general.

  1. To speak while performing a prayer.

Speaking while praying is not acceptable. Just a single word can invalidate prayer.

  1. To turn one’s chest from the direction of the qiblah.

When praying, every Muslim should turn towards the direction of the qiblah. It is a must and should be followed.

  1. To weep loudly by remembering a worldly affair or to moan due to some pain or trouble.

The following is stated in a hadith: “A person who obeys God Almighty by crying enters Paradise by laughing; a person who commits a sin by laughing enters Paradise by crying.”

  1. If the sun rises while a person is performing a prayer, his prayer is invalidated.

It has been said by scholars that “the prayer performed while the sun is rising is not invalidated but becomes a supererogatory prayer. If it is the fard of the Morning Prayer, it is regarded to have been missed and it needs to be performed again’.

  1. To laugh loudly enough to hear oneself

If a person laughs loudly enough for the people next to him to hear him, both his prayer and wudu are invalidated. However, smiling does not invalidate prayer nor wudu.

  1. To greet someone or to reply the greeting of someone while performing a prayer.
  2. To read a verse of the Quran in order to reply somebody.
  3. To try to cough though one does not feel like coughing and to growl.
  4. To say, “yarhamukallah” (bless you) to a person who sneezes.

Bonus point;

Uncovering parts of the body that should be covered.

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