The Benefits of Hanacure Face Mask

The Benefits of Hanacure Face Mask

Hanacure is a face mask, if you don’t currently know what it does, you will know it soon. The way Hanacure mask is spreading on social network is nothing short of amazing.  As a skincare expert; especially someone who specialises in Korean beauty and skincare products, i have seen many trends come and go and i can tell you – Hana cure mask is here to stay for foreseeable future.

It is growing in popularity because, loads of beauty experts and bloggers are talking about it, writing about it and are recommending it to their followers.

Where to buy Hana Cure Face Mask

Where to buy Hana Cure Face Mask

The mask comes from the Makkah of beauty “Korea” and it’s bases are from the lotus flower. Anyone who knows the Asian culture, understands lotus flowers represents rebirth and next level purity.  It doesn’t just stop there but actually contains botanicals such as:

Lotus leaf extract : It not only helps with wrinkles but are effective tool to reduce body fat, in this case face fat)

Hovenia dulcis fruit extract : known cosmetic ingredient for skin conditioning

Camellia sinensis leaf extract :  is naturally rich in antioxidants, which has a cell-protecting function as well. It’s a strong antioxidant effect that protects theskin from the damaging effect of free radicals

Honeysuckle flower extract : is rich in flavonoids and saponins which have powerful antioxidants properties

Rosa canina fruit oil : Anti-ageing rosehip seed oil regenerates the skin, reduces scars and wrinkles

Peony root extract : A Long Time Beauty Secret of Geisha in Japan, Peony Adds Moisture when your face needs it most

Sophora root extract : It has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine. Externally, it can be applied to the skin and used in creating face masks like the Hana cure face mask.

As Drew has been saying all these weeks the benefits of the Hanacure mask are substantial. It does wonders for your face skin including restoring it to younger looking taking off years from your face.   It does this by tightening, brightening and smoothing your face appearance.

The first version of the mask comes with a kit, which includes three different items such as – a Lifting Serum, a Gelling Solution and a brush to help you apply it to your face. The first version allowed you to take the first two products in the collection and you were to  mix them together and then applied it to your face using the brush applicator. Make sure you have plenty of time because it takes half an hour to dry and gives you that old looking face but once you wash it and dry it, it takes years off of your face.

The second version of the product actually comes pre mixed so you don’t have to mix it yourself. Simply open the box and use the brush to apply it to your face.

Hanacure’s mask viral growth
Hanacure’s mask viral growth can be contributed to Drew for posting selfies on instgram and then by 1000’s of others who did the same. As the traction started to grow, press came running, adding full page stories showing before and after pictures of Drew with the mask.  Is it just a hype or does the mask actually work. Since i was one of those who spent the $100 mark to get my hands on the mask, i must admit, It has lifted and firmed and brightening my skin like never before.

What it is: Hanacure a gel mask that takes few minutes to apply, dries down crispy within 30 min. As it dries, the mask cracks and pulls.
Make sure you wash your face first so the invisible residue from life is all washed off before you apply the mask.

How to use the version 1 where you mix it yourself :

1. It comes with three pack : first open the glass vial of lifting serum
2. Then open the gelling solution pack just a tiny bit so it makes it easier for you to close it after, add the lifting serum in
3. Quickly close the lid on the gelling solution so you are able to shake it for 30 seconds to make sure it is all mixed properly
4. Use the brush provided to apply the gel to your face
5. Go relax since you have to leave the mask on for 30 minutes
6. Once 30 minutes are done, the mask should be dried, remove it with water

Are there side affects for Hana cure mask?
From my own usage, I did not experience or felt anything wrong. I did read loads of reviews before buying it and was confident it will help my skin and that is exactly what it did.  It includes loads of extracts as mentioned above, which  help with anti-aging. My only concern was the time it takes to dry and wash. You can’t just apply for 5 minutes, wash it and out you go. It must be left on for around 30 minutes. As it drys, it does pull your skin with all the might it got, which you can clearly feel.  It is a once a week treatment and best value is if you buy pack of four.

Packaging: The designers did their part by creating beautiful packaging with inserts, which explain everything well but i knew how to use it before even getting my hands on it.

Price: $29 for one mask application but best value is $110 for four, which will last you a whole month.

How to buy Hana cure face mask for cheaper price?

If you are looking to purchase Hanacure for a cheaper price, you must first remember, this mask is expensive for some but for me it was worth the price. I was able to pick it up from an amazon listing, which got it delivered to me within couple of days.  I have since made a deal with the seller who was able to give me a further discount. If you want the details of the seller, please use the comment section below and i will send the details to you.

Hana Cure Face Mask Wholesaler

Yes if you are interested in Hana Cure Face Mask Wholesale, keep reading.

I have been dealing with the seller and can provide you with exact details of how much you need to spend to get a wholesale pricing. It could be a really good money maker. I have tried it with my current network and most of the people bought it from it. Funny thing is, even men are buying it. Comment in the comment section and let me know if you are interested in wholesale price for this amazing face mask and i should be able to help.


The look was amazing, skin felt the pulling while the mask was drying but once washed it felt great. I got number of compliments at the office by co-workers who thought my face looked younger and brighter. Especially that special someone kept looking at me, the three minute stare. I think something special is coming my way.

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