The Complete Guide On How To Make Your Child Perform Salah Daily

Teaching a child to pray 5 daily prayers can be very time consuming and a lot of energy can be spent getting kids to pray and maintain the habit of praying.

The first thing is to make Dua for your child at all times. Pray for your child to be a good Muslim.

child praying

Listed below are ways parents can help their child pray daily.

#1. Teach your child salah from an early age

The male-head of the house plays an important role for this first point. We should all know that only males are allowed to call out the ‘lqumah’. This can serve as a motivator to kids so as to try to follow the footsteps of their parents. Women too can help by making sure their child is always present to see them pray.

#2. Have a prayer room

No matter how small your house is, you should always create a space for prayers. It can be a small room, a corner or some part of the house that is preserved solely for prayers. Once this is put in place, it shows the child how serious prayer is in the house and its importance which warrants the need for a separate room or a special space in the house.

#3. Be an example

Children are very likely to take up the attitudes of parents. If Salah is done in the house, there is a 85% chance the child will adopt it and will perform 5 daily prayers each day.

#4. Let them know the reason for performing Salah

Children always want to know the origins of everything they’re told about so as to give a clear background about Salah, inform them of the importance of prayer that it is one of the five pillars of Islam.

#5. Teach them the do’s and don’ts in prayer

Just like everything else in life, there is a proper way to do Salah and certain rules exist to guide and promote doing it it the right way. Once this is known, it makes it easier for the child to abide by those rules and become accustomed to it. Let them take charge when praying together or give them a role.

#6. Take them to the Masjid most frequently

The Masjid should be a second home to every Muslim, taking your child to the Masjid will help a great deal. The child will be able to know and see a lot of people performing Salah and then realize that the vast majority of Muslims out there are doing the same thing.

#7. Pass on the pleasure of prayer to your child

Each time you force your child to pray by beating, dragging or nagging him/her it causes the child to look at prayer as a chore. Times when they feel like not praying, remind them of the pleasure of prayer and also of Allah and the blessings they are to receive instead.

#8. Be consistent with prayer

Children are habitual creatures, once the parents themselves are consist with regards to prayer it can serve as a motivator for the children to keep up.

Bonus tip:

Teach your child about the Quran and verses of the Quran as it will help a great deal to understand more about Islam.


Follow these points to help you develop a routine for your child that will eventually lead them to performing the 5 daily prayers as is the obligation of every Muslim.

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