The Discussions We Should Have with our Children

Today, some of the major problems in homes are as a result of the lack of communication between children and their parents. About 75 per cent of the world’s children know little or nothing about what is happening in the daily lives of their parents. But have you ever asked yourself why?

Some parents feel uncomfortable to open up to their children on crucial issues happening in their lives such as work related problems, their finances and so on. Parents also shy away from discussing important issues that may impact their children’s lives such as sex, death, drugs and so on. Though discussing these things with your child might seem a little awkward but you need to understand that you child will not forever be a child, no matter how long it may take. So it is important to have these discussions at the appropriate time.

Such conversations will make it easier for your children to cope well when they are confronted with issues at a later life. At an early age, your child is ready to listen to everything you say and follow your footsteps, so I believe that this is the best time you have as a parent to teach them the crucial things in life.

Talking to your children about Sex

Our children live in a highly sexualized society where they are exposed to sexual language, images and behaviors even before they are mentally prepared for the experience.  At the age of twelve to thirteen, kids undergo certain changes to their bodies. Some are confused regarding such changes happening to their bodies as a result of puberty.

As parents, if you don’t educate them, someone else will. They learn from behaviors and attitudes modeled by other adults, or from any other source. Stand up and let your own views be counted as part of their sex education. Sometimes you will be talking to your child about their sex life, but they behave as if they aren’t ready to listen to you. But just keep on going because they are really listening even though they may be pretending not to.

Talking to your kids about drugs

You can play a huge role in steering your children away for the influence of drugs. Talking with children is one of the most powerful ways of ensuring they remain safe from the clutches of the drug menace.

Talking about death

This is another important topic. Children should know about what will happen after death and on the Day of Judgment. This will make them fear God, thereby making them always do well in life because they are well informed about the realities of the afterlife.


One day or the other, your child will get married and settle down. You as a parent should teach your child how to treat others and how to raise a good family.

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