The Effects of Divorce on Children and Families

The happiness and strong bonds between a mother and a father in a family is what mostly determines the kind of upbringing their children get from them. Every child’s happiness lies in the hands of the parent’s.

It is said that when parents are unhappy, the kids are also unhappy. Divorce between parents has a very bad effect on children. Although some people may argue that divorce is sometimes inevitable, many kids however suffer when their parents split up especially where the child is close to both parents.

Children are happier when their parents are not always at loggerheads with each other. Therefore, parents should be able to work through and solve any problem between them in a simple and comfortable way without scaring their children.

For children, a family begins with their biological mother and father. Anything that jerks this chain presents a betrayal of this basic understanding. Divorce makes the child to hate both the custodial and absent parent.

The Side Effects of Divorce on Children and Families

  • Most children from divorced homes tend to be uncomfortable and feel abandoned and it becomes difficult for them to open up to new friends. Others suffer academically as they don’t participate fully in school and are always distracted. They experience a change in their psychological and emotional nature, which further affects their social and personal life at a time when they may need stability.


  • Although they might be living with one of their parents, children may still not be happy and this may lead them to start doing drugs and alcohol as well as engaging in illegal sexual escapades at a very young age which may obviously ruin their lives. The custodial parent may also get involved in drugs and alcohol after divorce which can also lead to arguments and fights between the children and their parent.


  • Divorced women have limited financial support compared to married women; for this reason, children under the care of their divorced mothers tend to drop out from school especially if their father refuses to sponsor them.

Marital instability has a greater effect on young children than adults. The negative effects of divorce on children are long lasting and they snowball into the children’s intimate relationships when they grow up.

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