The Five Challenges Muslim Travelers Face When Eating Out

Have you ever visited a country for the first time and had to eat out in a restaurant for example. Eating in a restaurant that doesn’t have halal food can be a real struggle. Below are 5 struggles every Muslim experience when they travel to non-Muslim countries.

#1.The Arab phrase “Bismillah”

As Muslims, we should always say Bismillah before we eat or drink. The word translates to ‘In the name of God.’  Saying it loudly can be very scary to non Muslims and most of them might think that something is about to happen. Whispering is best under such situations.

#2.Vegetarian food

Sometimes finding vegetarian food can be easy and other times not. When you get to a restaurant and the only veggie they have is dry salad then you just want to stand up and leave.

#3.Eating with the Right Hand

When you get to a restaurant and you see other people eat with a fork and knife, you’ll see that they hold the fork on left hand while in Islam it is said we should eat with our right hand.  As a matter of fact, it will be a little bit awkward. However, no matter the audience, stick with the Islamic guidance; eat with your right hand!

#4.Being skeptical about dessert because of alcohol

The moment you ask if they food has alcohol it in, everyone turns around to look at you. There are a million of desserts in the world but most of them have alcohol and as we know, alcohol is forbidden in Islam. In the restaurants, asking can be awkward because all they see is a beautiful plate of dessert.

#5.Giving a lecture about what is halal and what isn’t

The sole purpose of going into a restaurant is to eat and to have a good time but not to give a 30 minute lecture on what is halal and what isn’t. I once had someone tell me: ‘If you don’t eat pork, how do you eat cow meat?’ Don’t respond!

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