The Four Promises of Allah As Mentioned in The Quran

Allah said in Surah Al- Bani Israel, verse 105: “We sent down the Quran in Truth, and in Truth has it descended: and we sent thee but to give Glad Tidings and to warn (mankind).”

The religion of Islam was revealed by Allah and with it was a scripture to guide humanity. In the scripture Allah revealed His commandments, stories of rightly guided people, moral lessons and basic instructions for life.
The Quran was revealed in Arabic, following some of the high traditions of the Arabs as at then and one of such traditions was swearing often used by the people to express truthfulness on the event of making promises. This article looks into the four commitments Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) made to mankind from the Holy Quran. One thing to also note here is that: “Indeed Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) never breaks his promise” Q3v9.

ALLAH says in Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 152:
“So, remember me, I will remember you.”
Here Allah promises His slave, that if the slave will remember his Creator, then Almighty creator would also remember him.

From the first human to walk the surface of the earth to their progeny we are all prone to sin and as such we are all sinners. If Allah were to judge us for our sins, then none of us will make it to Jannah. But the mercy of Allah is totally amazing. For as long as you repent your sins and seek forgiveness from Allah for your intentional and unintentional sins Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta’alla) will forgive your sins. He said in the Quran Sura Al- Anfal verse 33:
“And Allah will not punish them while they seek forgiveness.”

on a daily basis, we are faced with difficulty and challenges and we complain and wonder when it’s all going to end? The compassion of Allah for his slaves cannot even be compared to that between a mother and her child. Allah said in Surat Al-Ibrahim verse 7 that:
“If you are grateful, I will surely increase you”

Often, we are faced with challenges and we start to question why such trials are on us. Why would Allah not come to my aid? Am I being punished for my sins? But Allah tests us in many ways and often because He wants us to come closer to Him. 

Allah wants us to call upon Him. He wants us to put forward our request, He likes listening to us. Of course, He is the mighty Lord, and He can do whatever He wishes. But He wants those words of request to be uttered from our very own lips. And if you call Him, there is one thing He promises, HE WOULD RESPOND.
“Call upon me and I will answer you.” (Q40v60)

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