The Green Muslims movement

Halal food and cosmetics are making headlines around the world. Recently, brands (with halal-certified products) are tapping into the Muslim market,but there is another shift amongst young Muslims and marketers should be aware of it. It is called the green Muslims.

There are two sides of it, Tayyab and halal. Tayyab is a deep rooted Islamic philosophy and principle which means to be wholesome and pure. With regards to food, it makes sure that the entire production and products of goods consumed are aligned with their Islamic values. Halal puts emphasis that things are manufactured or slaughtered in a permissible way. Both Tayyab and Halal are important and key in the lives of the green Muslim. Tayyab goes further to see that what we consume is backed up by an ethical supply chain.

Hijabis are currently taking over the NYFW runways, but there are some brands that understand these opportunities as not creating a clear message, positioning, and stories that touch the heart of these modern consumers. Instead of looking at it as commercial exploitation, millennial Muslims see it as an opportunity to make their concerns known.

Not In My Food. Not on My Face. Not On My Body.

One characteristic of this group is that they aren’t bounded by traditions nor cultures. These group of people broke the mold and created a new culture- which unites Muslims from all corners of the world, acting upon their belief that faith and modernity walk hand-in-hand. They are turning to basic values of Islam and leading a life that is more conscious about the environment as well as ethical consumption. As a matter of fact, what makes a green Muslim unique is that their eco-friendly lifestyle is driven by faith.

Most of them are familiar with halal cosmetics and food but they also expect to add tayyab to each phase of life, from fashion to travel or finance.

They believe that ‘To be halal is to be tayyab and to be tayyab is to be halal’. Are you a Green Muslim?


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