The Hijabi Emoji; coming soon!

One of the easiest ways to communicate now is the use of emojis and quiet a large number of people believe that only teenagers use emoji’s. Research shows that about 76% of people between the ages of 25-29 used emoji’s also more than 60% of people at the age of 35 and above use emoji on their daily conversations.

In general, emojis are accepted in the public consciousness.

In previous years, most of the human faces offered on the emoji keyboard was default and unchangeable color but last year, the emoji keyboard took a major step towards being more racially inclusive. The new range of colors allow users the option to use 5 different skin tones or choose the default yellow color.

The Ka’ba addition was the latest update of the emoji keyboard (a nice touch) and it is the only emoji that explicitly represents Muslims. Rayouf AlHumedhi, a Germany-based, Saudi Arabian teen studied how the emojis progressed along time and decided that it was time to have Hijabi emojis. Rayouf also discovered how to use an emoji by way of a Snapchat story and with much motivation, she wrote a proposal (justification) and sent it to the Unicode Consortium—the company assigned the task of updating the emoji keyboard.

Jennifer Lee, a member of Unicode’s subcommittee, took interest in Rayouf’s proposal which included a man with a keffiyeh as well as a Hijabi and decided to help. The proposal was accepted and in the next update, Hijabi emojis would be included.

This is a major step towards Hijabis been recognised in the world.


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