The Importance of Knowing The Names of Allah

It is important to know the Beautiful Names and Attributes of Allah. Below we discuss some of the reasons why knowing the names of Allah is important to your life.

#1.It is beneficial for one to know the unique and beautiful names of Allah and their Supreme Attributes. The extent to which a slave knows Allah’s Names and Attributes determine the extent of his submission to Allah, his love for Him, and the pleasure that he finds in Allah’s company. This knowledge is the reason why a slave seeks his Lord’s pleasure, His Jannah and the bliss of beholding His Face in the Hereafter.

#2. The knowledge of Allah’s Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes is the root of all other branches of knowledge and the root of Iman too. The basic idea of this knowledge is also the first obligatory act the people have to fulfil, as if the people know their Lord, they will be able to worship Him properly. Allah the Exalted says: “So know (O Muhammad) that there is no deity except Allah” (Muhammad: 19).

#3.By gaining knowledge of Allah and His Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes, one’s Iman and certitude increases, one also truly realizes Tawheed, and relishes the taste of servitude to Allah. This is the spirit of Iman and its basis and purpose. The best way to achieve this is to contemplate over Allah’s Attributes and Names that are mentioned in the Quran. Knowledge of Allah and His Most Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes is beneficial for the heart and perfects one’s Iman.

#4.He who is truly knowledgeable of Allah (mighty and majestic is He) draws on his knowledge of Allah’s Most Beautiful Names and Attributes in order to be aware of Allah’s laws that He has legislated and acts according to this knowledge. Allah do not legislate any law except according to His praiseworthy characteristics, which include His justice, Beneficence and Wisdom. His Words are all true and His commands and prohibitions are marked by justice, wisdom and mercy.

#5. Knowledge of the Beautiful Names and Supreme Attributes of Allah grants the Mumin comfort when calamities befall him. If the slave is aware that his Lord is All-Knowing, Wise and Just, then that slave will feel contented and will exhibit patience. If he is aware that the trials that are befalling him are beneficial to him in ways that he cannot grasp, and that they are the result of the knowledge and wisdom of Allah (mighty and majestic is He), the slave of Allah will become at peace with His Lord and surrender all his affairs to Him.
Understanding the honourable names of the Almighty guides and protects one from the hands of Saitan and his team of evil doers. It also makes one to have proper fear of the Supreme and increases your hope and confidence in Him, His mercy, and His unchallenged Power. If one is aware of such knowledge it fills the soul with joy and comfort to live peacefully without fear of anything created.
Thanks for following and I hope you learnt from it.

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