The Muslim Girl who Ranks Among The world’s Most Famous Faces, see who cheated her

There are lots of beautiful Muslimas (Muslim Women) around the world who made the news. However, which one of these women made worldwide headlines after her image appeared on the cover of the National Geographic Magazine?

The photo was taken in Pakistan and was named as “the most recognized photograph” in the history of the magazine, and the cover itself became one of the most famous covers of National Geographic.

The American Photo magazine says the image has an “unusual combination of grittiness and glamour”,  which has been likened to Leonardo da Vinci’s painting of the Mona Lisa and has been called “the First World’s Third World Mona Lisa”.

Look at the list of the women below and let’s see if you can figure out which of these women was the girl on the cover of National Geographic and whether she got any royalties or support.

#1. A beautiful girl wearing a white Hijab

Beautiful muslim women

#2. The Nubian Queen

beautiful black mulsim women from africa

#3. Simple beauty with a calm face

beautiful black muslim women

#4. Piercing Green Eyes

Beautiful Egyptian Girl with hijab

#5. Muslima With the blue Hijab and shades to match

Beautiful iranian muslim woman

#6. Simple Innocent Beauty With Green Eyes, No Makeup – As Natural As Beauty Comes

Afghan girl on the cover of nationalgeographer#7. Is This The Malaysian Fashion Queen

beautiful malaysian muslim women

#8. Lady in Pink

Beautiful muslim black women with hijab

#9.  Fashion Statement in Action

beautiful muslim girl with hijab

#10. Clap of Happiness

Beautiful muslim women clapping

#11. Smile of Innocence

Beautiful Muslim Women from India

#12. Piercing Eyes of Lady in Red

Beautiful muslima in hijab#13. Beauty Covered in Blue Hijab with Blue Eyes

blued eye muslim women with hijab

If you didn’t guess the answer is Number 6.

Not sure if she got any royalties for selling crazy amount of National Geographic Magazine copies? It doesn’t seem like it, since the photographer Steve McCurry didn’t even look for her for 29 years.

She was the green-eyed ‘Afghan Girl’ who shot to global fame when a haunting picture of her appeared on the cover of a 1985 issue of National Geographic magazine.

Afghan girl on the cover of nationalgeographer

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