The Punishments for the Disobedient Wife

Our creator Allah SwT created the bonds of marriage to unite two people to live together in peace, love and harmony. It is obligatory on the wife to obey her husband in every way, except when the husband commands her to disobey Allah SwT. She should also strive to fulfill the needs of her husband in every way possible as long as she is not being asked to disobey Allah SwT.

Women should strive to obey their husbands in every halal way, but for some reason this does not always happen . So therefore, here are a few punishments in place for a disobedient wife:

  • A wife refusing to conform to the halal wishes of her husband must first be warned to desist from her actions. If she persists in disobeying her husband, then the second step the husband should take is to stop sharing his bed with her and suspend matrimonial relations. The third step is to administer light beating if the second step proves to be insufficient. However, the purpose of this light beating is to put sense in her and re-establish authority, not to inflict pain. However, no one should beat their wife on the face or in such a way that you could leave a permanent mark on her body.

The noble Qur’an says;

“As for these from women, fear revolt, reprove them and expel them to beds apart and scourge them.”

If the woman is of a cold and stubborn type, cautioning and deserting her sexually may fail to make any impact on her. In such a situation, she needs to be straightened out by way of punishment and beating, as long as the husband does not shed her blood or break her bones. This sort of punishment is required to bring the woman back to her senses.

A disobedient woman is also punished eternally.

In a hadith, the Prophet (peace be upon him) said; “I saw Hell also. No such detestable sight have I ever seen as that which I saw today, and I saw that most of its occupants were women.
They asked; “Messenger of Allah, on what account is it so? He replied: “For their ungratefulness or disbelief. They said; “Do they disbelieve in Allah? He said: “Not for their disbelief in Allah, but for their ungratefulness to their husbands.”

So therefore women should avoid disobeying their husbands and strive to please their husbands.

May Allah SwT make it easy on every woman to obey her husband in every moral way.


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