The Significance of Women in Islam

Islam give women a lifestyle that essentially liberates them and give them much power and control. The Almighty Allah elevates, raises, and honors women in a manner so great that He makes women, not men to be the ones that bring new life into this world.

Women are honored and chosen by Allah (SwT) to bring life into this world. The womb of a woman in Arabic (rahm) is extracted from Allah’s name Himself (Ar Rahman), which is ‘the most merciful’.

It is narrated in a hadith that our Noble Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) said:

The word ‘Ar-Rahm (womb)’ derives its name from ‘Ar-Rahman’ (which is one of the names of Allah ‘SwT’ and means the continuously Merciful). So whosoever keeps good relations with it (womb) ‘i.e. Kith and Kin’, Allah will keep good relations with him, and whosoever sever it ‘i.e. severs his/her bonds of Kith and Kin’, Allah too will sever His relations with him.”

This is a sign of closeness and elevation that the woman has with her creator. The woman has great value and status, and she is the source and foundation of the society, she is the fabric that ties the entire community together.

Meanwhile, Allah the Almighty made men the maintainers of women. Men should fully take care of their women.  Allah (SwT) obliges the father or husband to take care of all the needs of the woman in his care, either financially, spiritually, or her intellectual needs, etc. The husband and the father also get rewarded for fulfilling their duties towards the women in their care and get held accountable before Allah (SwT) Himself when they fail to do so.

She is also allowed to work and make her own money (in permissible environments) if she wishes to do so, and whatever money she makes is hers and hers only. She can buy or do whatever she wants to do with it. She is not required to spend her money on her husband or her family in any way, and the husband is not allowed to demand money from her.

Our Prophet (Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam) says;

“Be gentle with the glass-vessels (women).”

Our noble Prophet describes women as very subtle and must be dealt with tenderly, softly, and with care.

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