The Three Ashra of Ramadan and their Duas

The month of Ramadan is the month in which the Qur’an was revealed. The ritual of fasting helps a Muslim to get closer to Allah. This purifies the Muslim’s soul thereby freeing him from negative and harmful activities.

Allah is indeed the most Merciful and Ramadan is His month of mercy. This is the month in which Muslims have the opportunity to seek refuge from Hell for all the sins they have committed.

All Muslims must respect this month and they must do good so as to earn the pleasure of Allah.

The three Ashra

Allah divides Ramadan into three different parts (Ashra). The first part reflects mercy from Allah, followed by the second, which reflects forgiveness of Allah and then the third, which reflects safety from hell (Jahanum).

#1.Days of Mercy

This Ashra is very important and it happens during the first ten days of Ramadan. All Muslims from all over the world should seek mercy from Allah, as His mercy is very important, special and boundless and it is unto us to ask for His mercy to be showered upon us. When you are praying the five daily prayers and breaking your fast, this Ashra should always be on your mind and ask Him as much as you can.

Give charity to the poor, treat your fellow Muslims well and help people whenever, wherever and never say no to them because Allah helps those who help others.

Dua for First Ashra is:

O! My Lord forgive and have Mercy and You are the Best of Merciful

#2.Days of Forgiveness

This happens in the mid of Ramadan. Forgiveness is sought through Istighfar for all the sins you have committed. Feel sorry, stop the sin and make a commitment not to fall into the same sins all over again.

Dua for Second Ashra is.

“I seek forgiveness from Allah, my Lord, from every sin I committed”

#3.Days of Seeking Refuge

This is the most important Ashra as it is in the most powerful part of Ramadan, and the apex of these powerful moments is Laylatul Qadr whose reward is the highest among all others in the month. Any good deed done on this night is worth more than a similar deed done over one thousand months.  This is the perfect time to prevent yourself from going to Hell.

Dua for the Third and last Ashra is.

“O Allah! Save me from Hell (Jahanum), Fire.”

May Allah safeguard us.

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