These quotes will make you wish you were Muslim

The following quotes portray the raw truth about Islam and will either make you wish you were Muslims or, if you already are, boost your motivation to worship Allah (SWT) and do good deeds.

1.“Too many people look at it as though it (the hijab) has bizarre powers sewn into its microfibers. Powers that transform Muslim girls into UCOs (Unidentified Covered Objects), which turn Muslim girls from an ‘us’ to a ‘them.”

― Randa Abdel-Fattah, Does My Head Look Big In This?

2.“Repentance and yearning, and yearning and repentance: this is the total harvest of life.”

― Khurram Murad, Dying And Living For Allah

3.“You see, Yousef, you can’t force someone in their hearts to believe the way you do. They all tried and failed. They judged by their own convictions–not even by the truth of the teachings of Isa. No one is above God’s judgment. No one has the right to judge for him.”

― Pola Muzyka, Escape the Hezbollah

4.“Fortunately she stopped the servants before the platters of cold meats left the house, sending them back to the kitchen where she had the ham and beef placed on separate plates, for the Hindi Christians despite their conversion would not eat cow and the Muslims would not eat pig. The Portuguese, of course, ate anything.”

― John Speed, the Temple Dancer: A Novel of India

5.“Mahound comes to me for revelation, asking me to choose between monotheist and henotheist alternatives, and I’m just some idiot actor having a bhaenchud nightmare, what the fuck do I know, yaar, what to tell you, help. Help.”

― Salman Rushdie, the Satanic Verses

6.“If religion has nothing to do with poverty and misery; then why the Muslims are the largest charity takers of the world”

― M.F. Moonzajer

7.“The world’s oldest university, University of Karaouin, was established by a Muslim woman in Fez, Morocco in 859”

― Firas Alkhateeb, Lost Islamic History: Reclaiming Muslim Civilization from the Past

8.“Policy makers beware: unless you are ready to admit that you are facing an essentially theological problem in the Middle East, do not go about prescribing solutions, for you may actually make matters worse—particularly by creating the false impression that economic, sociological, or political programs can fix what is in fact, a delusion of faith”

― Robert Reilly

9.“It’s ironic when black non-Muslims say Islam is not a religion that uplifts black people when two of the most celebrated black heroes in recent history were both Muslim; Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali.”

― Habeeb Akande

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