Things that Invalidate the Fast and things that Don’t

One must avoid doing anything that may make his/her fast invalid. Below are the things that invalidate the fast and would require one to make up later.

  • Causing yourself to vomit deliberately
  • Deliberately eating, drinking and smoking
  • Drinking, eating and smoking or having sex after Fajr, on the mistaken assumption that it is not yet Fajr time
  • Having sexual intercourse or masturbation that results in vaginal secretions in women and ejaculation in men

Deliberately eating, drinking, smoking, and sexual intercourse during fast is forbidden. One must make up for the day, and expiate by fasting for 60 days after the conclusion of the Ramadan or by feeding 60 poor people for 60 days.

Here are things that Do Not invalidate the fast:

  • Having a blood test or taking injections
  • Using toothbrush, even with toothpaste does not invalidate the fast, provided you do not swallow the water and/or the paste
  • Swallowing water involuntarily while taking a shower will not invalidate the fast
  • Swimming is also allowed, according to most of the jurists, one should however avoid diving, because that might cause you to swallow the water
  • Using perfumes, using eye drops or wearing contact lenses do not invalidate the fast
  • If you forget that you are fasting and eat or drink unintentionally, this will not invalidate the fast. However, you must stop as soon as you remember and continue with your fast
  • When you sleep during the day time and have a wet dream will not break your fast.
  • Kissing between a husband and a wife is not forbidden while fasting, but they should try to avoid it so that it does not result to anything that is forbidden

Below are the requirements for your fasting to be valid:

Basically, there are two main components of fasting:

  • The intention (niyyah)for fasting:

You should make a sincere intention to fast for the sake of Allah (Subhanahu wa Ta alla) at the beginning of the month or every morning before dawn. The intention shouldn’t be said out in words, it must be with the sincerity of the mind and heart.

According to some jurists, it can be made only once for the entire month of Ramadan, and doesn’t have to be repeated each day.

  • The second one is to abstain from anything that will invalidate your fast, from dawn to dusk.

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