Three Things to Look for In a Wife

Many men are faced with the difficulty of getting a wife with strong Deen and Iman. It is somewhat a challenge to find a wife who will build you a good home and take care of your family in the Muslim way.

What do you look for when you want a good wife?
#1.Strong Deen and Good Faith in Allah

Having a wife that gets you closer to Allah is very significant in your trend of worship as a true Muslim. All it takes for you to know is how frequently she prays the five daily prayers. Her fear for Allah guides and protects you (a woman that fears Allah with never cheat on you).

#2.Respect for Herself and Others

A woman is only dignified when she respects her dignity. When you marry, look beyond superficial beauty and look for the wife who covers her body. Marrying the one who flaunts her beauty and refuses to cover up will only lead to trouble.
#3.A Good Habit

A true woman should have a righteous habit that a Muslim man can sense by just looking at her actions and listening to her words. The attitude of every woman has a great effect on where she might end up living and the people she is going to spend the rest of her life with. A good behavior brings lot of respect to a woman.


Marriage is a serious affair and therefore must be treated as such. Your wife is the mother of your children and by default the first school for your children. Taking the time to find the right woman is best especially as the character of the individual will to a great extent has a bearing on how your future family turns out to be. Choose wisely.


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