Tips for Muslim Spouses Dealing with Marriage Conflicts in the West

Usually, in the beginning, marriages start off very nicely and things usually run smoothly. However, somewhere along the line, disputes pop up. Although marital disputes are natural, but when they are not dealt with correctly, they can escalate to something dangerous.

Below are some marriage problems you might encounter in the West and some tips on how to deal with them:

  • First of all, money is frequently one of the things spouses argue over and it is one of the most serious things. The solution to this problem is to openly discuss and consult within the family. Another effective way to avoid disputes about money is to make an easy budget that tracks incomes, investments, and most importantly expenses, and also to establish a framework for taking care of regular necessities of the family.
  • Another problem that might arise among Muslim couples is in-laws, it could be the focus of blame and reproach in marital disputes. You should maintain a good relationship with your in-laws and treat them kindly, respectfully and with compassion and respect. Always keep in mind that fathers are usually skeptical about son-in-laws, and mothers about their daughter-in-laws. It is therefore important to treat them as you will treat your own parents. Avoid comparing your husband with your father and your wife with your mother. Most importantly, you should not forbid your spouse from visiting family unless you fear for their safety and religion.
  • Thirdly, stress is something that is almost constant in the lives of people living in the West. Work stress may be carried into the home. Couples should be patient towards each other. They should for instance do Halal things together like going to the Masjid together to pray, or read the Holy Qur’an together.
  • Domestic violence is a sad reality and a factor that can break families. If it is not dealt with, the destructive effects of domestic violence will not only harm the couples, but also their children. Friends, family, and Imams have to stop the abuse and intervene and work on getting help for the couples.
  • Sexual dysfunction can also be a cause of marital disputes. It is one of the least talked about issues, but is one of the things destroying a lot of marriages. Many Muslim couples do not learn about the perspective of Islam on sex and marriage. Consequently, when they are not satisfied with their partner, many of them seek divorce instead of a solution.

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