Tips for the Muslim family:Who deserves the first share in your wealth?

THE FAMILY IS THE FIRST TO PARTAKE  IN YOUR WEALTH. It is the duty of the Head of the family to find out what are the reasonable needs of his household-people, and he should meet them with generosity. It is not religiousness that a man should let his wife and children suffer for want of means,and should spend his wealth for other purposes, however important they may be.Family relationship deserveS more attention and preferable treatment over others.

The Prophet (S.A.W) Said: “ One dinar is that which spend in the cause of Allah, and One dinar is that which you spend for freeing a slave; and One dinar is that which you spend on your family. But of all these, the greatest reward will be given for the dinar which has been spent on the family.”

“ What a muslim spends on his family, for seeking the pleasure of Allah, is also counted as Charity.”

By this clear guidance, Islam wants that the allotment of the expenditure should be in proportion to the benefits to society, for family is the foundation of a great society and the first brick of its edifice. Therefore, it is necessary to pay attention to it first and pay its dues fully. In this teaching, there is a warning for those who spend heartily and squander money carelessly outside their homes and among their friends, while at home, they become a picture of poverty and helplessness.

People who deserve more to be benefited from the excess wealth of a person are his Relatives especially his Family and Kinsmen. It is their right that when the hand should be raised for giving in charity it should first be extended towards them. It also appeals to a sound intellect that when there are needy and poor persons in the vicinity of a person, then where is the sense in leaving them uncared for and extending the helping hand towards others? Such an action might generate a feeling of hatred and rancour in the heart of the deprived persons, and they may feel that the ignorance shown in their respect is with a view to harming them and outing them to great loss. And if giving of pain and dissatisfaction is done consciously, then this kind of charity becomes troublesome for the Giver.

“Allah (S.W.T) will never accept the charity of those persons whose relatives are in need of his Kindness and Help, and the Being in whose power is my life, on the of judgement Allah will not look at such a man.”  You are a poor man and the prophet asked us to give in charity and let your family be the first to partake of your wealth. These two will get the reward of the relationship and also the reward for the charity.

Allah’s Messenger has said: “ To spend on the poor is charity, and to spend on the relative gets the reward for double charity, one is charity itself and another for Kindness to Relatives.

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