Tips On How To Keep Fit During The Last Ten Days

Ramadan is a month of devotion divided in to 3 phases. Each phase has ten days, with the last phase being the most challenging. During this phase, also called the Last ten days of Ramadan, Muslims all around the world are expected to pack up their beds and search for the night of decree as part of the teachings of the Prophet. It is said in the Quran:“ Night of Decree is better than a thousand months. The angels and the Spirit descend therein by permission of their Lord for every matter. Peace it is until the emergence of dawn.” [Qur’an: 97:3-5]

Because of its great importance, Muslims tend to devote themselves in a lot of religious activities from recitation to long hours of standing in prayers. Here are some vital tips to help you adjust to these challenging moments.

Make intention

AsMuslims,the first step towards any good deed is a sincere intention. Making an intention to carry out a task will help prepare you both physically and spiritually, and also helps reduce the potential of being distracted by any worldly task.

Create A Worship Plan

Prior to the first night of the Last ten days, create a worship plan. This will enable you participate in minor devotional activities during the day, carry out your daily activities and still have a sound mind for more devotion at night. Make sure you create time for nap during the day as it will help prepare you for the night.

Eat Well

Once it is time for breaking the fast, try to break with dates. Afterwards, perhaps after Maghreb or Isha prayers, you can properly settle down for the food on the menu. Do not forget to drink a lot of water to boost digestion which inessence will help the body rehydrate and get rid of the lactose.

Sleep Well

Usually during the last moments of the month of Ramadan, Muslims rarely have time to sleep but as a necessity, one has to find time. The best time to catch up on sleep should be preferably the second quarter of the night i.e. between Isha and time for tahajjud.


Most people often wake up few minutes to tahajjud, perform wudu and rush to the mosque all in panic. That is a very poor planning and it won’t help the mind to adjust properly. It is better to wake a bit earlier and take a shower as it will keep you refreshed and fully awakefor the task ahead.

Wear Light Cloths

It is of great importance to avoid any form of distraction while in salat. Even the cloths we wear at times could serve as distraction if they get too tight or heavy. The clothing may contribute to weighing you down and prevent you from your intended devotional obligation.

Take time to rest

As people vary, so is their individual ability to withstand stress. While some might be able to stand for hours, others cannot. But whatever the case, we know ourselves better. After each salaam, take some few minutes to rest as it will help relax the muscles and prevent fatigue.

The importance of the Night of Power can never be over emphasized. Muslims are expected to be on their best mood so as the tap the blessings of this night. It involves things that will induce fatigue, stress or sleep. May Allah enable us to make the best of these nights. May He enable us to catch the blessed Laylatul Qadr and gain the rewards that are promised for it. Ameen. Have a blessed Tahajjud!

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